“Shots fired at Maksimovic home near Gnjilane”

GNJILANE, Sept 20 (Tanjug) - Early on Thursday, unidentified perpetrators fired shots at the house of Zoran Maksimovic, director of the humanitarian organization Decija Radost (Children’s Joy), situated in the ethnically mixed village of Gornji Livoc, Kosovo-Metohija Municipality of Gnjilane.

This is not the first attack on him or on his family, Maksimovic said. Unidentified persons fired shots at him earlier as well, he said, when he was in an automobile, and, in a separate incident, unknown perpetrators killed his dog.

The Kosovo Police Service examined the scene of the crime and an investigation is under way.

“Kosovo police arrest suspected arms dealer with links to Islamic radicals”

PRISTINA, Serbia (AP) - An alleged arms dealer with links to Islamic radicals has been arrested in Kosovo after a rare case of police cooperation between officers in Serbia and its disputed province, officials said Thursday.

The ethnic Albanian is suspected of selling weapons to Muslim extremists in Serbia’s southern region of Sandzak, bordering Kosovo.

Officers in Kosovo acted after a request for help from Serbian police…

Looks like someone forgot to pay off Kosovo’s officialdom.

Cooperation between the police forces of the two former foes has been rare since the end of hostilities between ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo and Serbia…In June police in Serbia seized 10,000 bullets and 15 kilograms (33 pounds) of plastic explosives in Sandzak.

“Svinjare inhabitants cannot return to their village”

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Sept 20 (Tanjug) - Some 80 Serbs from the village of Svinjare who are living in two unfinished buildings in the center of Zvecane, close to Kosovska Mitrovica, announced Thursday that they have been ordered to move out by Sept 23.

The representative of the villagers, Milorad Radivojevic, said that two months ago the Zvecan municipality assembly informed them that they have to move out within 60 days.

Radivojevic said that they wrote to UNMIK Chief Joachim Ruecker informing him about their problems and requesting that a solution is found since it is impossible for them to return to Svinjare.

The 80 Svinjare villagers, including small children, have been living in the two unfinished buildings since March 20, 2004 in very harsh conditions, without drinking water and the basic sewage.

Notice that date. It’s the day after the March 2004 pogrom ended. These 80 people are still living in their immediate post-riot conditions. Just when we thought 2004 was ancient history.

“Serbs in Suvi Do exposed to constant burglaries, thefts”

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA, Sept 19 (Tanjug) - Radovan Apostolovic of Suvi Do village, near Kosovska Mitrovica, whose property was a target of theives [sic] for the third time on Wednesday, said that he is considering moving to Serbia proper because of this lack of security.

Early this morning, unidentified perpetrators stole a motocultivator, a thoroughbred bull, and several large metal utensils from the Apostolovic homestead. The incident was reported to members of the Kosovo Police Service (KPS), who carried out an on-the-spot investigation together with the UNMIK police…

(Please note: The peace in Kosovo lately is being disrupted by a sudden spate of investigating crimes. This could have something to do with the increased international attention the narco-terrorist province has been getting during final-status negotiations.)

In a statement for Tanjug, Apostolovic stressed that he does not feel safe in spite of the large presence of KPS, UNMIK and KFOR members, and that he is considering settling his daughters in Serbia proper.

It has become insupportable for them in Suvi Do, he said, where he lives with his wife, mother, and three children. Their tractor was stolen in May of 2003, and a cow was stolen from their barn a month later, he said.

To put some of this Serb-targeting into perspective, one must consider that much of the robberies and burglaries, rather than being ethnically motivated, are done more out of opportunism. Albanians are practical people, so why would an Albanian violate another Albanian when he’d risk being killed? Violating Serbs, on the other hand, is a no-risk proposition. They’ve been disarmed, aren’t trigger-happy to begin with, and committing a crime against a fellow Albanian could bring a blood feud upon your family for the next two centuries.

(Note: Albanian-on-Albanian crime is more ubiquitous than Albanian-on-Serb crime, just by virtue of there being a larger population pool for it. But if a Serb is near by, you’d be a fool not to try there first.)