Australian policitican Danna Vale got into trouble last week when she told reporters that “Australians were aborting themselves ‘almost out of existence’ and suggested that the country could become a Muslim nation within 50 years as a result,” the AFP reported, adding that “the remarks angered the Muslim community which labelled them racist and divisive while Vale’s fellow parliamentarians described them as offensive.”

This is confusing. Because everything you read today makes reference to Europeans, Americans and other Western nations not reproducing enough and aborting too much–while Muslims multiply and multiply. Every “white” country has projections either about becoming a majority Muslim nation by such-and-such year or about white people generally being outnumbered by other races/ethnicities by such-and-such year. In America, for example, newspapers gleefully publish post-census reports which project that in 20 or so years, white people will no longer be the majority race.

So maybe the reason people are upset with Vale is that she said Australia would become Muslim…as if it were a bad thing?

On a related note, while white folks pretend to be happy about soon being outnumbered in their respective countries, here’s what 10-year-old Jyza Sybai, of the United Arab Emirates, had to say about the new Syrian barbie doll “Fulla”:

“All my friends have Fulla now, but I still like Barbie the best. She has blond hair and cool clothes. Every single girl in Saudi looks like Fulla, with the dark hair and the black scarf. What’s so special about that?”

Fulla is actually the second Muslim barbie. Her predecessor is Razanne, manufactured by an Arab-owned company in Michigan. To some extent, these dolls are a reaction to the fact that the American Barbie is Jewish, as the Saudi religious police inform us. Razanne, meanwhile, is very modest: she’s got no curves, she’s covered from head to toe, and when she bumps into Jewish Barbie, she explodes.