There isn’t yet a report available in English, but a summary follows, thanks to Mickey Bozinovich at Serbianna.

Shots Fired on Two Priests in the Village of Binac

Two ethnic Albanians have fired rounds from an automatic weapon at two Serbian priests, Bogomir Stevic and Zvonko Kostic, who were in the gardens of the monastery of St Archangel Gabriel in the village of Binac.

Say, isn’t that just a few miles from Camp Bondsteel?

This particular monastery was demolished with explosives in 1999 by the Albanians. These priests went there to examine the church property. Upon arrival, they witnessed that the ruins were turned into a public urinal with excrement all over, and the church forest was cut down. While inspecting, they ran into two Albanians who were stealing fruits from the fruit garden.

Did you catch that? Albanians are fertilizing their own fruit! (Well, the church’s fruit.)

The Albanians ran off and a few minutes later they came back and started spraying the priests with bullets.

“As we were getting closer to the monastery, we noticed a few Albanians that were stealing fruits from the monastery’s garden. As they saw us getting closer, the thieves quickly left the garden and drove off to the nearby houses. Soon, from that same direction three rounds were unloaded from an automatic weapon at us,” says Stevic. Both priests escaped unharmed.

Phew! That was close. Nothing to be alarmed about, Nicki and Brad; you can go back to sleep together.

Bishop Artemije says that this incident contradicts all statements by the Albanian authorities in Pristina and the internationals who claim that democracy is making progress. The Kosovo Albanian police has been notified of the incident.