In the book Hiding Genocide in Kosovo, the author (a worker with the international mission in Kosovo) meets some American soldiers:

One interesting point to note is that when I visited the village [of Cernica] after the Kosovo-wide pogrom of March 2004, I went to the church and found that it was protected by US KFOR. There were three pleasant young soldiers from California and one from Florida. They seemed a little lost perched as they were on a hilltop beside a newly restored church that they had to defend. Three California surfers and a Miami beach veteran who really did not know where they were or for that matter why. From that vantage point a large new mosque dominated the horizon and they asked me and the people with me if we had built the mosque. I was a little surprised by the question and assured them that we had not and pointed out to them that it was likely enough that like all the new mosques in Kosovo the money almost certainly came from Saudi Arabia and other Wahhabi countries. They seemed a little perplexed with this news as if hearing of such a possibility for the first time.

The bafflement at the Islamist component in Kosovo is not incidental to these four soldiers. Our troops in Kosovo are purposely kept ignorant of the full picture. Here is the relevant part from the final, as yet unpublished, letter from my former source who was silenced:

About the Islamic fighters, we’ve NEVER heard about them over here, everything I’ve learned about extremists has been either through the news or limited information they pass down to us…And what shocks me is that they are as far north as Mitrovica. I remember escorting Albanian workers up north because they were afraid to travel past that place by themselves without armed security. I know that Mitrovica is a hotspot, and it’s the Dodge City of Kosovo, aside from Pristina…

…There are guys that we look for that the KPS [Kosovo Police Service] won’t touch, however, they know who they are, where they are, what they drive, hell what their favorite brand of smokes are, and won’t do a damn thing to stop them. It’s up to us, but it shouldn’t be. Another sign that these people shouldn’t get independence. I told some family back home that these guys getting independence is like handing a fully automatic weapon to a 5 year old and saying have fun and be safe. We are frustrated by them because we feel like they are wasting people’s time and money, which they are, and it’s wrong. But also, because we feel that they are in bed with these people [criminals, extremists, mafiosos] too, and passing on information — kind of like how the mafia would pay off police officers or federal agents in the 30’s and such.

That about nails it.