A thwarted attack, in this case: Austria holds man with explosives near U.S. embassy

Austrian police arrested a Bosnian man on Monday after he tried to enter the U.S. embassy in Vienna carrying a rucksack with explosives, a police spokeswoman said.

WOAH! What up with the labels?! A BOSNIAN?!! What happened to “former Yugoslav”? Get with the program, Reuters. At least Fox News isn’t disobeying State Department directives to the media on this. Historian and writer Carl Savich caught a Fox News segment last week relating to a recent press conference by FBI director Robert Mueller about a Bosnia-related terror plot from 2005, whose suspects (including at least one Bosnian) were convicted this year. Interestingly, everywhere that Mueller mentions “Bosnia,” Fox substitutes “former Yugoslavia.”

Why did Fox use “former Yugoslavia” in referring to 2005 Bosnia, which had been independent for 10 years by then? “Why call Bosnia the ‘former Yugoslavia’ unless you’re trying to hide something?”, Savich wrote me in an email, trenchantly adding, “I thought the whole idea was to give them a new identity as Bosnians.”

But back to the latest Bosnian terrorist:

The man ran away from the embassy after his rucksack triggered metal detectors at the entrance. He dropped the bag in the next street and was arrested shortly after, she said.

Ha ha ha ha! White al Qaeda Wannabe just said: “Damn, this Middle Eastern crap isn’t for me.”

Bomb squad specialists found two devices similar to hand grenades and other explosive material in the rucksack, as well as nails and a book that had “some reference to Islam,” the spokeswoman said.

Ah, so “Bosnian” means “Bosnian Muslim.” Now I’m starting to get the picture finally. So we’ve got half the label down, folks — we’ll get to the rest of it one day!

From an AP report:

The suspect was described only as a 42-year-old native of Bosnia-Herzegovina who now lives in the province of Lower Austria, which encircles most of the capital…”There were a lot of nails in that bag. Had it exploded, it would have had an enormous shrapnel effect,” Doris Edelbacher of Austria’s federal counterterrorism office told reporters.

You know, every time we hear about another Bosnian Muslim trying to kill Americans and/or Europeans, I get more and more confused. I thought Serbs were supposed to be the enemy. Where are all the Serbs who are trying to kill Americans?

Serbs may be taking some impressive tennis titles this year, but they’re wayyyyyy behind in another competition. Here’s the score chart for 2007 of Balkan entities planning and/or executing attacks on America this year:

Bosnians: 2 (Salt Lake City, U.S. embassy)
Albanians: 4 (Ft. Dix)
Serbs: 0

(As for Croatians, well they haven’t tried to kill any Americans since the 80s.)

Oh look — an update on the investigation into yesterday’s Bosnian bomber: The investigation has been closed, with no motive found. Just kidding! That was Salt Lake City. It’ll be at least two weeks before this case comes to the same conclusion.

Especially since it’s impossible for Bosnians to be terrorists. After all, Bosnia is the country that definitively defined terrorism this year, and found that there can be no such thing as Islamic terrorism.

Now, the fact that this attack happened in Austria has me salivating at the prospect of finally doing my Austria blog, which starts with “Knock-knock, Austria!”
“Who’s there?”
“Orange who?”
“Orange you glad you supported the Bosnian Muslims throughout the Balkan wars?!”

Indeed, if you listen to this super-important interview on Voice of America that has Naval War College professor and former NSA analyst John Schindler debating an idiot, you’ll hear that Austria was one of the main staging areas that terrorists used en route to Bosnia during the war. You’ll also find out that the regime of the late fundamentalist Bosnian president, and our pal, Alija Izetbegovic issued a passport to Osama bin Laden through its embassy in Vienna.

While listening, please note what Mickey Bozinovich did:

Equally remarkable is the reporter Judith Latham’s polished ability to pronounce the word Jihad as though it came from the lips of those pious Muslims that beheaded and roasted Serbs across Bosnia then hijacked the planes on 9/11.

It’s true — she, like other assorted media clones, has trained herself to say “zheehad” — just like the imams and terrorists do.

Anyway, I probably won’t manage to get to the Austria blog before the next Bosnian or Albanian kills an American and/or European, so just in case, here’s Deliso with more Austria connections:

The Wahhabis arrived in the Sandzak [region of southern Serbia] just a decade ago, from Bosnia, and quietly built a power base with an eye towards more militant future activities, as the March 2007 arrests would seem to show. They came with the support of the radical, mujahedin-connected Active Islamic Youth, and have since been supported by Sarajevo radicals backed by Arab money….It is important to remember that this geographical progression of radicalism could not have existed without the deliberate installation of a foreign-funded charity and terrorist network, originally conceived by the West as a lifeline for the beleaguered Bosnian Muslim government of Izetbegovic against the Serbs, created under the watchful eye of the Clinton administration and German and Austrian intelligence.

Deliso also mentions a Kosovo jihadist named Samedin Xhezairi, who worked for the CIA and Austrian and German intelligence when those countries were helping train the KLA for war against the Serbs in the late 90s — all while acting as an intermediary between Albanian extremists and al Qaeda.

And just to get a sense of what our government is doing about the officially non-existent Bosnian terror problem, here is Bozinovich’s latest:

A source in Serbia, moreover, has told me that many Bosnian Imams are encouraged and welcomed by the US Embassy staff in Belgrade. An Imam whose name I may mention in the future was once bragging to my source that he can walk into the US Embassy anytime he wants and that the staff will issue him a visa to come to the US in [a] matter of minutes. This particular Imam was trying to contrast the difficulty that an ordinary professional Serb would have in being heard by the US Embassy staff, let alone [being] granted a visa.

Oh, here’s a picture of some secular, non-religious, non-practicing, nominal Bosnian Muslims, from the cover of Schindler’s book Unholy Terror:

(They sure look like they’re practicing to me!)