The story in Ottawa Sun is no longer available online, but a source who lives in Ottawa wrote me the following letter:

I’d like to bring to your attention stabbing of a Serb-Canadian by an Albanian at the Greek festival in Ottawa that happened last month (08/2007). The Albanians came over to the festival with their flag to provoke a reaction from the Greek and Serbian crowd, and they made a mess. The victim survived a stab in the stomach. Here is the link, but the Canadian news censorship works very hard to conceal the identity of the Albanian criminal, so you wouldn’t know who stabbed who unless you were at the festival.

I know about it because I live in Ottawa. Ottawa Sun wrote an article about it, but never mentioned who stabbed whom. The author of the article just mentioned it was a conflict between two ethnic groups. I bet if it was the other way around it would be all over Canadian news. The name of the victim is Sinisa Lakic who was stabbed in the stomach, was in urgent care, but now feels better…This is the link in Serbian from Serbiancafe.

Here is the only thing I was able to find online about this:

Stabbing stuns Ottawa Greek fest — “It all happened so quickly. It was over in 20 seconds. The guy that was stabbed walked over to a chair holding his stomach”

What was supposed to be a celebration of multicultural diversity turned into a nightmare of ethnic rivalry as one man was stabbed in the stomach at the Ottawa Greek Festival.

And I found the following notice here:

“If you have pictures of a stabbing at Greek Fest this week, Ottawa police want to see them.”

The source added the following:

I know that during the Serb Festival 2007 in Ottawa this year the unexpected intrusion of Albanian teens was the biggest security concern.

Let’s make a mental note of the fact that Albanian TEENAGERS in CANADA are continuing their parents’ work. This means two things: that Balkan beasts are bringing their ethnic hatreds with them to the New World. And they’re teaching the hatred to their young. In case North Americans still believe they’ll avoid the fate of the Balkans, let this be a warning bell for the long term.