Since an open hearing in Washington in April, when Tom Lantos assured the world that the U.S. “stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe,” the U.S. has been the same busy bee it has been for the past decade, in feeding the Balkans to the caliphate. And this is just another typical week toward that effort:

U.S. officials persistently obstruct New York agreement

(Tanjug) Minister for Kosovo and Metohija Slobodan Samardzic on Wednesday evaluated that U.S. officials “persistently obstruct” the New York agreement on restraining from prejudicing a solution for the future status of Kosovo.

“Regardless of the fact that in New York we have all agreed and adopted the declaration on restraining from prejudicing such statements, U.S. officials persistently obstruct the agreement and continue to make statements on a prejudiced solution,” Samardzic told Tanjug.

He gave the statements made by Rosemary DiCarlo, Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Zalmay Khalilzad saying that Kosovo will be independent as an example.

Samardzic underscored that this had encouraged the Albanian representatives in London, regardless of the contents of their talks at the Foreign Office, to state that they would proclaim independence of the province immediately after December 10, when the mediators are due to submit their report on the negotiations so far to the United Nations.

“In such a context, I wonder what the purpose of the declaration was, what the purpose of press releases and statements is, what the purpose of the troika’s effort is and, in particular, that of Mr. (Wolfgang) Ischinger, who is really investing great efforts in maintaining a normal atmosphere of the talks,” said Samardzic.

Samardzic believes that this in fact is a “fully destructive and obstructive activity, which prevents from getting a process that would possibly produce a solution.”

Serbia accuses US of ‘obstructing’ Kosovo talks

…Serbia’s minister for Kosovo, Slobodan Samardzic, said that repeated statements by U.S. officials that Kosovo will one day gain independence from Serbia, “persistently obstruct” current talks between Belgrade and the secession-seeking Kosovo Albanians.

“Amid those declarations by American officials, we are asking ourselves: what’s the point of the negotiations when the outcome is already known?” Samardzic said.

“Those are destructive activities aimed against a possible negotiated solution for Kosovo,” Samardzic said.

In London on Tuesday, Kosovo’s Prime Minister Prime Minister Agim Ceku said independence was inevitable and that the province will declare it soon after the deadline, even if no agreement was reached and regardless of whether the European Union backed the move.

Kosovo will declare independence ‘within days’ if talks fail

And we’re making sure that they do!

U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Cameron Munter hosted a traditional Ramadan dinner in Novi Pazar on Tuesday.

One wonders if this Munter will host the celebration party for the Feast Day of the Orthodox church in Novi Pazar. Let’s not hold our breath.

The dinner was attended by representatives of religious, political and non-governmental organizations, as well as Muslim community representatives.

Munter read out a message from U.S. President George Bush, who said that the U.S. wanted to build stronger bridges with the Muslim community and hoped it would achieve unity.

For folks who don’t have a reference for Novi Pazar, that’s in a southern Serbian region called Sandzak, or Sanjak, and here are some relevant headlines to what goes on there, with our blessing:

Journalists in Novi Pazar seek protection

…“According to mayor Ugljanin, we are to blame whenever we report on blasts that occur in the town, or give an account of Wahhabis disrupting concerts in town, or of an armed stand-off in and outside a mosque,” Novi Pazar correspondents said in a letter dispatched to Independent Journalists Association (NUNS) and Journalist Association of Serbia (UNS).

The letter explained that Ugljanin’s remarks indicated that “the journalists were also guilty of reporting on murders and kidnappings, on informing the public when police discovered hidden training camps and arms caches.”

Slovenian Intelligence Confirms Kosovo Link to Sandzak Arrests

A Slovenian intelligence source has confirmed for a claim made recently in the Serbian media — that the Wahhabis arrested at a training camp broken up near Novi Pazar on St. Patrick’s Day had connections with Kosovo militants, the final status process there and potential violence again Serbs in the North Mitrovica enclaves.

The March 17, 2007 Serbian police operation against a suspected Islamic extremist mountain training camp near Novi Pazar, which yielded weapons, ammunition and assorted paraphernalia, has inspired unprecedented interest in the phenomenon of Wahhabi extremism in this forgotten area of western Serbia in the international media.

According to Serbian counterrorism expert Darko Trifunovic, who has compiled a lengthy report identifying numerous members of the Sandzak Wahhabi substratum, “All but one of the arrested men were bearded in the fashion of jihadis, but all were white Europeans.”

Although Albanian Muslims in Kosovo base their identities much more on secular nationalism than do the Bosnian Muslims just north of the border, Wahhabism has nevertheless caught on in pockets of Kosovo, including even the capital…New information received by from a Slovenian intelligence source confirms Serbian media allegations that at least some of the weaponry found in the Wahhabi training camp had arrived from Kosovo — and for a reason: according to our information, extremist Albanians in Kosovo opposed to negotiation with Serbs are collaborating with the Wahhabis [in Sandzak]… in the case of new violence, the goal would be a show of force against Serbs from both sides.”

“Serbian police investigates possible Sandzak Wahhabis’ links with Al-Qa’idah”
(Report in Serbian paper Danas on June 13, by I. Pejcic: “Wahhabis Are Linked to Al-Q’aida?”)

…Trifunovic maintains that it is indispensable to establish the link between the arrested group and similar groups in Kosovo and, especially, in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Suad Bulic, a former head of the SUP [Secretariat of Internal Affairs] of Novi Pazar, has told Danas that, to his knowledge, apart from the arrested Wahhabis, several other persons had also taken part in the smuggling of arms from Kosovo.

Also in southern Serbia is Presevo Valley — a.k.a. “eastern Kosova” in Albanian — which has been calling for annexation to Kosovo.

In The Coming Balkan Caliphate, Chris Deliso illustrates the Saudification of the Balkans since our involvement there. Indeed, everything we touch turns to Saudi gold. In a yet-to-be-published letter to the Seattle Times in response to an article titled Bosniaks Coming Together Under One Roof, William Dorich puts our accomplishments in shorthand:

In the 5 decades leading up to the Bosnian Civil War, Muslims in former Yugoslavia wore western clothes, ate pork and drank alcohol against Islamic dietary laws. During 50 years of Tito’s communist regime, 97% of the people of the Yugoslavia never attended church or a mosque on a regular basis, including Catholic Croats or Orthodox Serbs. In the year leading up to the war only 7,000 of the 380,000 Sarajevo Muslims attended mosques during Ramadan…Today in Bosnia women are being forced to wear the Burka…

Reader Liz Milanovich paints a similar picture:

It’s interesting how times change. My parents were born in Bosnia, of Serbian background. They (and other Bosnian Serbs) used to refer to themselves simply as ‘Bosanci’ or Bosnians. Since the 1990s the West has decided that only Bosnian Muslims can be recognized as ‘Bosnians’.

Mom used to mention that where she was born (pre-WWI) there were two villages in close proximity, one was Serb-inhabited and the other Muslim. She says they got along okay and basically stayed in their own villages, but from time to time attended each others feast days, etc. It was a different Bosnia then.

On a separate but related note, let the record show that, two months ahead of the U.S. setting the most dangerous international precedent — supporting a state declaring itself into existence, severing 15% of a sovereign nation’s territory in the process, in contravention of every international norm and and rules of statecraft — the blogosphere remains uninterested and silent. With the exception of Atlas Shrugs and Israpundit, bloggers aren’t doing their jobs — not even delegating the responsibility to someone, if the whole thing is just too confusing for them to handle.

As the self-tasked police of mainstream media, the bloggers are in a big way responsible for what has been happening in the region for the better part of the past decade. The modern-day Munich giveaway that is Kosovo continues surreptitiously along, in the dark of night, unhampered.

The bloggers will wake up only when it’s time to blame Serbia and Russia for the violence that results from America’s betrayal of the free world.