name = victim
comments = to whom it may concern julia here is a story for u during the war my family left kosova as we where walking the serb army stop a bunch of albanains lined them up and shot them in cold blood/? you serbs are no better then albanians show me one prove that the kla killed woman and children during the war ?you cant because kla never belived in killing woman and children but you keep denying that the serb army did nothing may god have mercy on ur lying soul! remmber god is one he will judge the nation your nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Readers, am I misreading this? Did he just say that the KLA does not kill women and children? That they have some standard of what they “believe” in? If so, why do male, female, young and old witnesses at the trials of accused Albanian war criminals hide their identities and require witness protection? Because they’re not worried about their families being killed by KLA, even in its various, “legitimate” postwar “former KLA” incarnations?

Dear “Victim”,
(How perfectly does that name illustrate the Albanian mentality?!)
Being the kind of Albanian who gives Albanians a bad name, you obviously haven’t been following the trial of your KLA heroes, particularly the current trial of Ramush Haradinaj. Here is just a microscopic set of examples which happened to be under my fingernails at the moment you emailed and which show what the KLA did to Albanian women and children (not to mention Serbian ones!). If reading these doesn’t help your perspective, and it turns out that Denial really is just a river that’s as borderless as Greater Albania, then kindly refrain from wasting the time of the smarter children reading this blog at an advanced level.

First, here’s a blog from a few months ago, citing a Spiegel article:

A strange grave lies in the midst of a large meadow in the village of Crni Luk. There are no names on the four gravestones, and the inhabitants of [the] village of 3,000 react with distrust to questions about the dead. “This is where we buried the charred remains of the Krasniqi clan,” says a young Albanian man and adds immediately with a wave of his hand: “But I do not know more than that.”

Twenty-four Albanians were shot, among them 13 children, and their houses were burned down…The four Krasniqi brothers were considered “loyalists to the Serbian regime” and worked in Serbian companies; one of them was even [a] journalist for the Serbian language newspaper “Jedinstvo”.

So already just from that everyone knows Victim is an asshole. Watch him grow. This is from a blog post that I had just last week, quoting Hiding Genocide in Kosovo and mentioning an Albanian father and son who were killed, along with a Serbian teenager and others:

The UCK followed up this attack with raids on the Serb villages scattered in and around Novo Brdo. In the village of Klokubar they killed a father and son from the same family, the Simic family. Their bodies were disposed of and have never been recovered. An Albanian father and son, the Bunjakus, (Agim and Bislim) were also killed, because they had friendly relations with their Serb neighbours before the war and their crime was to have worked in the police force before 1999. An old lady from Klokubar, Dragina Stankovic, was executed and her body was later found dumped in a well. A Serb farmer from Klokubar, Stanko Stojanovic, was beaten and hanged in front of his house, after having animal faeces stuffed into his mouth. Zivojin Peric, a man from Trnicevce village, was killed and his body was found dumped in a garbage container in Gnjilane. Sava Stojkovic of Labljane village was killed in an attack on the village, and out of panic and fear the villagers buried him in his lawn and not in the cemetery. Zivkon N. of Paralovo village was found hanged in front of his house. Aleksander Jovanovic was killed in Bostane village on June 21, 1999 while keeping guard near his house, and Blagonja Stankovic of Ljestar village was axed to death. Vojislav Timotijeic of Stara Kolonija was murdered while Zoran Anjelkovic of Nova Kolonija and Sasa Tasic of Boljevce village disappeared and their bodies have never been found.

In the village of Trnicevce the UCK killed a teenage boy and dumped his body in a garbage container. Several villagers in the village of Labljane were killed and the Serb residents of Nova Kolonija were terrorised to the extent that they all fled. Their apartments were immediately distributed by the PDK (the political party established by Hashim Thaci, UCK leader and very special friend of Madeleine Albright), to local loyal members of the UCK.

More witnesses withdraw from testifying against ex-Kosovo PM in Hague trial

Two more witnesses decided not to testify at the [Ramush] Haradinaj trial citing fear for personal safety, the Hague tribunal has said.

Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte’s team on Thursday [22 February] asked the court to prevent UNMIK [UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo] chief Joachim Ruecker from meeting Haradinaj, as well as to block Haradinaj’s interview with the Associated Press.

The prosecution claimed that otherwise the Kosovo public might have been led to believe UNMIK was backing Haradinaj, at the same time displaying no willingness to protect the lives of the witnesses in the case.

However, the Tribunal rejected the prosecution’s request and Haradinaj met with UNMIK and Kosovo officials yesterday.

Son of kidnapped, murdered Serbs takes stand

Note to Victim: The “s” on the end of “murdered Serbs” means both parents were killed, and one of those would have to be a woman. (Unless he had two fathers. While that’s definitely possible in America and the rest of Europe, it’s unlikely to be the case in Kosovo, where they persecute homosexuals and most likely haven’t passed any gay marriage laws.)

In this item we have a witness whose sister was killed, another kidnapped, and his mother injured.

As a bonus, here is a typical KLA incident — not one that involves killing women or children, but just killing Albanian men married to Serbs. So I’m sure Victim wouldn’t find such standard KLA tactics reprehensible since, as far as this diaspora Albanian is concerned, the KLA is still worth defending.

Haradinaj trial: Witness testifies to abduction

The trial of Ramush Haradinaj, Idriz Balaj and Lahi Brahimaj continued with the testimony of an elderly Albanian man, who gave his evidence as Witness 8, with image and voice distortion. [What’s he scared of?!]

In his 15-minute long testimony, the witness confirmed he was from the Đakovica area and he was present on the bus from which the two Albanians — Isuf Hoxha and Hajrullah Gashi — were taken off near Mališevo.

Ramush Haradinaj and other uniformed KLA members under his command allegedly entered the bus on 20 July 1998, saying they were looking for Hoxha and Gashi, two Albanian men married to Serb women.

They took Hoxha and Gashi off the bus and drove them in the direction of Glođani in a black Golf vehicle. Their bodies were found in a canal near the Radonjić Lake later that year.

Hey, these bodies were serving the greater good! They helped get the Serbs bombed! Meanwhile, let’s make a point that doesn’t get made enough. We’re dealing with a war criminal — one who is indicted, who personally participated in crimes in addition to giving orders for crimes to be committed, and who is now intimidating witnesses. Yet this war criminal’s name is unknown to the world.

Here’s just something related: “Ramush Haradinaj has eliminated the majority of witnesses” (from KiM info newsletter, no longer available)

The majority of witnesses in the court case against Ramush Haradinaj being conducted before the Hague tribunal have changed their mind or decided not to give testimony, Radio KIM and Glas Juga have learned.

The Tribunal’s prosecutor’s office had a relevant number of witnesses at its disposal until the moment when it became clear that Ramush Haradinaj would return to Pristina and defend himself while at liberty, that is, be allowed to take part in political and public life…

A characteristic example is that of the family of Skender Kuci, who was abducted and killed by the Kosovo Liberation Army in the Pec area. [I wonder if that family had any women or children in it?] The members of his family have changed their statements and do not wish to testify. They are rejecting cooperation with the Tribunal with the explanation that Skender was killed by Serbs. [That’s definitely the safer way to go!]

Ramush Haradinaj’s defense has in the recent past visited the majority of witnesses prepared to speak against him in The Hague. It is the opinion of some attorneys close to the Tribunal that this has resulted in compromising the families of the victims, which today are no longer willing to testify.

Some of the witnesses have in the recent past died a natural death, while others, such as Tahir Zemaj, have been murdered…Kujtim Berisha died recently in a traffic accident in Podgorica. Some potential witnesses have, in the meanwhile, received large sums of money, switched sides and become members and officials of [Haradinaj’s] Alliance for the Future of Kosovo. [What a bright future that will be!]

Hasan Rrustemi, an UNMIK protected witness, was murdered at the farmer’s market in Mala Krusa near Prizren with the message that all those working against the KLA would fare similarly.

My God! With Albanians killing so many Albanians, it’s amazing there are any Albanians left to carry on the Albanian supremacy!

As I wrote last week to Albanians who are free to think differently and speak out about the thuggery and butchery faced by their fellow Albanians and all non-Albanians in Kosovo — yet still shill for the KLA: this is the worst kind of tribalism, one that has no place in the free world, and one that will damn you to Hell.

And as I wrote yesterday: for allowing all this to go unnoted — indeed, for not even knowing that the Haradinaj trial is happening, much less that witnesses are intimidated or killed — the blogosphere is one big loser.

(To qualify what I mean by “blogosphere”, I’m obviously not referring to sites that are partly or completely devoted to Balkan issues, such as 1389, SerbBlog, Serbianna, Gray Falcon and Byzantine Sacred Art. I’m referring to the “mainstream” blogosphere, especially the A- and B- List bloggers.)