Ponoš asks KFOR, UNMIK to identify ANA

Serbian Army (VS) CoS Lt. Gen. Zdravko Ponoš urged KFOR and UNMIK to say who masked gunmen appearing in Kosovo are.

“It is a job for the KFOR and UNMIK to determine who appeared in uniforms [of the Albanian National Army – ANA]. I believe they will determine that,” Lt.-Gen. Ponoš said in reply to a question on whether there had been contacts between the VS and KFOR, over the apparent resurfacing of the ethnic Albanian terrorist group.

But the chief of the Serbian army added that cooperation between the VS and KFOR is “very successful and on a daily basis.”

The reappearance of ANA terrorists in Kosovo recalls something that my erstwhile, anonymous source soldier had written in that last, unpublished letter:

I discovered that our ROE [rules of engagement] for what we call “competitors” is to break contact and report to “higher”. A “competitor” is someone that poses a threat to a safe and secure environment. Now when the ANA (Albanian National Army) made their appearance in the winter of 2006 [ANA is the KLA incarnation destabilizing Macedonia], KFOR soldiers were not dispatched to find them or do anything about them, even though KPS [Kosovo Police Service] had a shoot-out with those men.