Doesn’t Halloween feel just a little redundant amid our current reality? One longs for the time when ghouls, goblins and demons were something to be feared. After all, which of the following would you rather find in your living room?

Herman Monster


Abu Al Masri

Like horror movies, Halloween serves to trick us into believing there’s actually something scarier in this world than Jihadis. But unfortunately, the real ghouls are in our midst all year ‘round–and garlic and crucifixes don’t work (I’ve tried).

Vampire author Anne Rice may be the first to realize the obsolescence of horror tales amid the current backdrop. Evidently, she’s so much more disturbed by reality than by the living dead that she did the only sensible thing and turned to Jesus, now writing “only for the Lord.” It’s certainly not good for a horror writer’s ego when her monsters are being outdone by reality on a daily basis.