I’m a bit behind, but this comes from a late October Newsmax “Insider Report” mailing:

Top Rabbi Addresses U.S. Muslim Group

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, head of America’s largest Jewish denomination, spoke at a major Islamic conference in Chicago and called for an end to discrimination against Muslims.

Yoffie addressed the 44th annual conference of the Islamic Society of North America, also calling for more dialogue between religions and for support of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Jewish Daily Forward reported.

Yoffie — president of the Union for Reform Judaism — said a “profound ignorance” about Islam in the U.S. has encouraged Americans’ views of Muslims as the enemy.

Translation: “profound ignorance” = “profound understanding”

“The time has come to stand up to the opportunists in our midst — the media figures, religious leaders and politicians who demonize Muslims and bash Islam, exploiting the fears of their fellow citizens for their own purposes,” he said.

“The time has come to end racial profiling and legal discrimination of any kind against Muslim Americans.”
But Yoffie insisted that while Jews should help Muslims overcome Islamophobia, Muslims should help fight anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

The ISNA has in the past been accused of supporting the Palestinian organization Hamas, and was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism trial against a Texas-based charity shut down after the 9/11 terrorist attacks because of its alleged ties to Hamas, according to The Forward.

But ISNA’s new leadership has condemned terrorism, including that perpetrated by Hamas and Hezbollah, and openly supports a two-state solution in Palestine.

Nevertheless, David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, was critical of Yoffie for addressing the Muslim organization.

“Here is another discredited group eager for mainstream recognition,” he wrote on the Jerusalem Post’s Web site. “Inadvertently, in the name of inter-religious dialogue, he gave it.”

Here’s whose help Yoffie is trying to enlist in fighting anti-Semitism:

Steven Emerson, a counterterrorism expert…contends that the organization still hosts speakers who have made anti-Jewish remarks in the past.

Yoffie is the same Dumb Jew about whom I wrote in 2005:

Yoffie, for his part, called conservative Christian activists “‘zealots’ who claim a ‘monopoly on god’ while promoting anti-gay policies akin to Adolf Hitler’s.”

The funny part is that he wasn’t saying this about the religion that really does carry the Nazi torch with “Sieg Heil” salutes, swastikas, children who cheer in European classrooms every time the word “Holocaust” is mentioned, and ancestors who originated the yellow patch for Jewish dhimmis — which the Third Reich adopted.

“What could be more bigoted than to claim that you have a monopoly on G-d?” Yoffie asked at the Reform movement’s national assembly in Houston two weeks ago.

Is this a trick question? Um, beheading Christian children in Indonesia? Ethnically cleansing non-Muslims? Executing gays in Iran and torturing them in Egypt? Am I getting warm? Genocide bombings in Israel?

According to the report, “the audience of 5,000 [Dumb Jews] responded to the speech with enthusiastic applause.”