Middle East expert Daniel Pipes draws some pretty good connections about “African-Americans under stress turning to some form of Islam.” Pipes cites:

“Malcolm X: the future Nation of Islam leader converted while serving time in prison in 1948; Tawana Brawley: the much-publicized hoaxer converted after the exposure of her claim of being gang raped by white men; Benjamin Chavis: the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People converted after his scandal-ridden eviction; John Allen Muhammad: the Beltway Sniper converted after a bruising divorce; Henry Tillman: the Olympic gold-medal heavyweight boxing medalist converted while in prison on charges of murder; Mike Tyson: the heavyweight boxing champion converted while in prison, serving time for rape…and O.J. Simpson, the football star accused of murdering his wife, recalls, ‘When I was incarcerated I read the Koran,’ but he apparently did not go on to convert.”

In other words, after killing, raping or perpetrating a great hoax, you can find refuge among those who make a religion of it.

In related news, more Latinos have been converting to Islam after 9/11 than before, accounting for six percent of U.S. conversions to Islam. Pathetically, many of the Hispanic converts are women. In this story out of Union City, New Jersey–“U.S. Latinas Seek Answers in Islam”–the Christian Science Monitor reports, “Jasmine Pinet sits on the steps outside a mosque here… explaining why she, a young Latina, feels that she has found greater respect as a woman by converting to Islam.

“‘They’re not gonna say, “Hey mami, how are you?”’ Ms. Pinet says of Muslim men. ‘Usually they say, “Hello, sister.” And they don’t look at you like a sex object.’”

This implicitly sad commentary about women in Latin cultures aside, it would be something to see a spunky Puerto Rican mami’s face the first time she hands her Muslim husband his slippers the wrong way and finds out what a burqa is for. The article continues, “Other Latina Muslims say they also like the religion’s emphasis on fidelity to one’s spouse and family.” Does Christianity not have such an emphasis? Or do some Latinas simply need the disincentive of adultery being punishable by death?

But it makes sense that blacks and Latinos have been converting to Islam after 9/11. They’re thinking, “Shit, I did two years in lock-up for stealing an Ipod from Wal-Mart, but these badass brothers can kill thousands of people–and the white man show him respek!”

Learning from the Muslim world that violence gets you what you want from the West, South American gangs have stepped up the violence at the Mexican border. That’s right: Move over, Spanglish. Here comes Sparabic.

In his recent book, “The Al Qaeda Connection,” author Paul L. Williams writes, “On February 13, 2004, a Muslim extremist with suspected ties to al Qaeda was arrested at London’s Gatwick Airport after a grenade was found in his luggage. His ticket showed that he flew to London from Colombia. But British authorities later learned that he was a Venezuelan who had been trained at an al Qaeda cell on Venezuela’s Margarita Island, a place that once served as a haven for American tourists. Bin Laden’s group was alive and well and less than a three-hour flight from the United States.

“A covert operation was unleashed by British intelligence… The agents discovered that other, updated weapons were arriving for [the Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia] and the radical Muslims on fishing boats off the virtually unguarded coastline of Venezuela. The weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, were coming from North Korea.

“The finding sent shock waves through the US intelligence community. Little attention had been paid to Chavez’s growing ties to China and North Korea–not even when Chavez proclaimed himself to be a ‘Maoist’ or when Hector Navarro, his minister of education, extended Venezuela’s salute of ’solidarity’ to such ‘friendly nations’ as ‘Algeria, Cuba, Iran and North Korea.’…In May 2004 Honduran security minister Oscar Alvarez admitted that police officials had uncovered evidence that al Qaeda terrorists had infested his country and were recruiting Hondurans for the next attack on American soil.”

So there you have it, Folks: the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse–Muslims, Mongols and the Mexican border.