As December, and Bush’s final year in office, approach, we’re looking at two simultaneous Munich-style giveaways, again: Israel and Kosovo.

Recall that heading into his final year in office, Bill Clinton launched a war against the Serbs on behalf of Albanians, to be able to say that his administration “did something.” Then, Clinton’s final year — 2000 — saw a desperate Clinton-Albright attempt to achieve a last-minute peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, with Albright announcing, “We’re going to have a deal no matter what. We’re working 20 hours a day now; we’ll work 24 hours if we have to.” That “peace” deal ended in the intifadah the Palestinians had been preparing for.

In poetically parallel timing, what Bill Clinton started in his second-to-last year in office is being completed by Bush in his own second-to-last year in office eight years later: the creation of a jihadist mafia drug-cartel state, otherwise known as an independent Kosovo. As well, in Clinton-Albright-style desperation, Bush and Condoleezza Rice have decided to just “do something” in the Middle East via the Annapolis conference this week, further paving the way for Israel’s demise.

What makes the Bush facsimile almost worse is that by now, we know that in both cases the ultimate beneficiary is al Qaeda, which pulls a lot of the strings behind both shows.

At the same time, a question emerges: Why are Albanian Muslims entitled to two states, while Jews aren’t entitled even to one?