There’s more news on that chief mufti of “moderate” Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric, who last year was invited to a Birmingham synagogue for an “interfaith dialogue”. In mid-November Mickey at Serbianna reported:

President of the Saudi-funded Muslim World League (aka RABITA), Dr. Abdullah Abdulmohsin Al-Turki, is throwing a party in Mecca right now where [the] world’s leading Imams and Islamic intellectuals have gathered to discuss the coming [clash] of civilizations that, in all likelihood, they seek to instigate.

A noticeable presence at this conference is the Chief Bosnian Muslim Imam Mustafa Ceric. Mustafa Ceric recently dispatched another extremist Imam Sulejman Bugari to the US in order to radicalize the American Bosnian Muslim flock. Ceric also traveled to Washington before going to Saudi Arabia. [In] Washington, Ceric approved of the hired congressional help that will help push resolutions that seeks to place Bosnian Serb Christians under Islamic domination. [Mickey is referring to the push for “centralization” of government in Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as the recent movements towards the dissolution of the Serb Republic.]

In Ceric’s delegation to Saudi Arabia we also find another extremist Bosnian Muslim, Husein Zivalj, a man responsible for managing al-Qaeda money transfers that were pouring into Bosnian Muslim bank account in [a] Vienna bank in the 1990s. The al-Qaeda money was used to fund [the] Bosnian Muslim Army’s Jihad…against Christian Serbs in Bosnia.

Muslim World League is also known for such intellectual gems as referring to Jews and Christians as “apes and pigs”, respectively, and have called on the world’s Muslims to “put pressure” on both Serbs and Jews, a coded phrase which is an invitation to every pious Muslim to seek [out] and kill Jews and Serbs.

Some of the intellectuals sharing the panel with the Bosnian Muslim Chief Imam are Muslims who have written textbooks where “Christians and Jews are denounced as infidels and are presented as enemies of Islam and of Muslims,” and Jews are referred to as a “wicked nation”…

Meeting of Imams in Saudi Arabia, November 2007. Ew.

From left to right: Husein Zivalj, Mohammed Ali, Mustafa Ceric and Salim, 2007, Saudi Arabia.