U.S. asks Croatia to take any Kosovo refugees

A Croatian newspaper reports that the United States has asked Croatia to accommodate refugees and keep them out of NATO and European Union territory if a flare-up in Serbia’s breakaway Kosovo province provokes a mass exodus.

[Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense] Daniel P. Fata…asked if Zagreb was ready to “protect NATO’s borders” in the event of a refugee crisis. Croatia’s near neighbors Italy, Slovenia and Hungary are NATO and EU members. Croatia is expected to join NATO next year and the EU some time later.

Oh boy. This is the big test for Croatia. Will it obey the world-government it hopes to join? Will it protect the NATO state called “the Balkans”?

“The delegation gave a positive answer, saying Croatia already had experience with housing refugees,” the daily said…

Indeed. They can put the Serbs in trees like this guy ended up:

However it was not clear why Croatia, which has no border with Kosovo, would become involved. Croatia fought a four-year war of independence with Serbia in the 1990s and is an unlikely destination for fleeing Serbs or Serb refugee resettlement.

Especially since Serb-cleansing is still celebrated as a national holiday in Croatia. It’s where a fleeing Serb can go if he’s tired of fleeing and just wants to be killed, converted or expelled, as is Croatia’s tried-and-true method for dealing with excess Serbs.