Croatia - the recommended family vacation by NY Times

Beside Morocco and Vietnam, The NY Times recommends Croatia as destination for family vacation for 2008:

Under the subtitle “Cave to Casbah: Adventure for All Ages” in the article “Trips to Help Shape the World” NY Times writes:

“The family vacation is increasingly taking an adventurous turn, with more parents looking for exotic alternatives to yet another trip to Disney World. Here are three far-flung destinations on some families’ to-do lists for 2008.”

After the paragraphs about Vietnam and Morocco, Croatia is described as follows:

“Croatia has not only the historic cities of Dubrovnik and Split to offer, but also the “Dalmatian Riviera,” where active families can take part in sailing, kayaking and even mountain biking trips around the various Croatian islands.

This region has some of Europe’s best seafood, though the kids might prefer bureks (pies filled with beef or cheese)”

And that’s just part of the recent excitement over Croatia, Kids. The country was also featured in a recent episode of the reality tv show “The Amazing Race”.

The Amazing Race in Croatia

TK & Rachel are the first to open their clue. It tells them to travel 900 miles to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Upon arrival, they must find the base of the Fort of St. Lawrence where they will find the next clue…The first flight out was super-duper late arriving for their next flight, so TK & Rachel and Nicolas & Donald miss their connecting flight to Croatia. TK & Rachel manage to get on a flight through Vienna, but Nicolas & Donald are not so lucky. They catch a flight through Zagreb. The original second flight arrives just on time at 11:20 in Croatia.

Teams start arriving and searching for their next clue. When found, it contains a ROADBLOCK that asks “Who has a builder’s eye?”. In this task, one team member must help with the renovation of Dubrovnik’s city walls that have been damaged by repeated bombings in the 90’s. They must search through a pile of 150 stones for one of 8 stones that will fit a specific groove in the wall. Once found and placed, a stone mason will hand them their next clue.

The next clue sends the teams to the roof of the Fort of St. Lawrence where they will ride a tandem zip line across the water to the top of another tower where they will get their next clue.

Here’s a puzzle for the racers: Be the first to find Jasenovac and dig up a piece of a Serb or Jew, then give the clue to Croatians so they might finally acknowledge the fact that they put those bones there and are still singing odes about it at rock concerts.

Ah, I’m looking forward to the New (Old) Europe that Croatia will help form once it gains entry into the EU (it ain’t on the fast track for nothin’!). Like I said, I’ll be in the attic.