Albania Lobbies Islamic Conference over Kosovo

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha has called on Egypt to persuade the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, OIC, member-states to recognize en bloc a possible declaration of independence by Kosovo.

[Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul] Gheit promised the Albanian prime minister that his country would make a substantial effort to make Kosovo a priority issue at the next OIC Islamic Summit Conference, due in Senegal in March 2008.

The foundation for this request was laid a long time ago. From The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

After making Albania the first European member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in 1992 — a controversial decision that was never ratified by parliament — President Berisha sought to cash in on his new connections with oil-rich Arab suitors. Both he and his foreign minister, Alfred Serreqi, attended an OIC Summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, causing the Socialists to complain that “Albanian membership of the OIC was a violation of the constitution and an attempt to divert Albania from its Euro-Atlantic orientation.” Nevertheless, a whole new Muslim educational and clerical infrastructure was swiftly being developed in Albania, thanks primarily to Saudi largesse. The charity Islamic Relief gloated that the Albanians “were like a dry sponge, ready to soak up anything given to them.”

Albania’s tolerance of foreign Islamist encroachment also meant that it could count on unanimous support in terms of securing floor votes at the United Nations from OIC countries when resolutions on Kosovo came up.

OK, so if America and Albania are Best Friends Forever, and Albania is friends with Egypt, then America has to start hanging out with Egypt too. America has to start going to the mall with Albania and her friends; she needs to start wearing the same outfits, listening to the same music, doing her hair the same, and everyone needs to agree on who’s boss. Plus, since all the girls in Egypt are getting circumcised, America better start too, if she wants to stay in the in crowd.

The following is also going to have to get addressed. America may have gay cruises, but Albania has gay flights:

Albania’s Gay Flight
Homosexuals face little choice but to leave Albania or put up with deep-rooted homophobia.

Repeated cases in the past have taught the homosexual community that, in a traditional society like Albania, going public with their sexual orientation means losing their jobs, risking threats and possible rejection by their families.

Though the Albanian Parliament legalized homosexual relationships in 1995, more than a decade later, gays and lesbians are still heavily stigmatized, and a majority of them are choosing to leave, amidst fears that if their sexual orientation is discovered, their safety will be endangered.

“Our biggest problem is identifying ourselves and the possibility of having a shared space where we can meet without fear. There are gay and lesbian clubs all over the world, even in Arab countries which are historically more traditional than ours, and yet here we live in fear” says S.L., a member of the Albanian Gay and Lesbian Association, ALGA.