First, Arafat “appeared before the United Nations General Assembly with a pistol on his hip, galvanizing that body and initiating a process that culminated with the U.N. resolution equating Zionism with racism.” And now former Serbian foreign minister Goran Svilanovic informs us , via Serbianna, of the following:

“Never before has a prime minister or president of Kosovo been invited to enter the Security Council room. Never has anyone been called who does not represent a sovereign country, a UN member state or a UN mission – that has never happened. It might not be pleasant for Serbia, but its position has been eroded,” Svilanovic said.

A more grave implication is for the UN itself, a forum for sovereign states, not separatists like Kosovo Albanians whose demands violate the very charter, or reason for UNs existence. This is like allowing Satan to tell God how he should organize heaven.

That’s right, folks. The State Department is actually willing to break every norm and every law, make every exception and set a precedent for the dismantlement of the international legal order to surrender Kosovo. The stench of criminal desperation permeates the air. Speaking of which:

Why is Serbia accused of UN Resolution violation?

US and many Muslim states have long been claiming that Serbia has “lost its right” over Kosovo and now they are in a hot pursuit of a scheme to legalize that claim.

To this end, NATO is accusing Serbia of violating the UN Resolution 1244 because it opened up an office in Kosovska Mitrovica.

“This is a violation of 1244,” UNMIK chief Joachim Ruecker bluntly stated while his spokesman Alexander Ivanko reiterated the same in a press statement.

Resolution 1244 is the major thorn in the eye of Kosovo’s Muslim separatists because it defines Kosovo as the sovereign territory of Serbia.

By accusing Serbia of violating the Resolution, NATO countries are seeking a pretext to toss the Resolution out and denounce the sovereignty stipulation as null and void and with that, remove Serbia from the legal deed of sovereignty over Kosovo.