I recently learned that former Bush (Sr.) speechwriter Chriss Winston has written a book along with conservative commentator Myrna Blyth. It’s called How to Raise An American: 1776 Tools, Tips & Activities to Help Your Child Love this Country.

Going to readers’ reviews from the book’s Amazon page, one sees that liberal trolls seem to have monopolized the reviews section, many without having read the book yet already labeling it “too nationalistic” and “brainwashing”. One hack writes:

Please, please Myrna Blyth, forget about raising US patriots and focus on raising world citizens.

Another one:

consider this book to be a fine example of what is wrong with our beloved, beleaguered country.

“That’s the difference,” writes the source who alerted me to it: Democrats today try to raise ‘good Democrats’; Republicans just try to raise good Americans.”

As an aside, the suggestion to think as a “world citizen” always cracks me up. On a fairly recent episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher”, Janeane Garofolo said she thought more like a “citizen of the world” than “an American”. There she was, tatoos all up her arms, which you could see because she was wearing a tank top. Had I been on that panel, I’d have told her that if she’s a citizen of the world, then she shouldn’t mind — and there shouldn’t be any legal repercussions — if after the show I stoned her to death for wearing what she was wearing on national TV. Which no male relative gave her permission to be on in the first place.