Australian Taliban fighter David Hicks has been released after being imprisoned for six years. A U.S.-imposed sentence of only nine months was tacked on to time served without charges at Guantanamo Bay, after Hicks finally pled guilty in a plea bargain earlier this year.

I was musing on what could have made Hicks so special and got him such a lenient sentence for joining al Qaeda so he could kill Americans and American allies, when I remembered that he may have gotten himself some brownie points with the U.S. by also killing Serbs:

One day in 1998, he telephoned his parents to tell them he’d decided to join an organisation called the KLA.

“I thought it was an airline,” [father] Terry Hicks says.

It wasn’t - it was the Kosovo Liberation Army, then fighting against the Serbs in the Balkans.

Hicks travelled via Adelaide to Kosovo, where he fought alongside ethnic Albanian Muslims in the KLA.

Hicks travelled to Pakistan in late 1999 to further his Islamic studies.

Somehow, he ended up training with terrorist groups Lashkar-e-Toiba and al-Qaida.

Somehow?! Somehow?! As if there’s no connection or progression from the Kosovo jihad to the rest of it?

Let this be a lesson to terror recruits everywhere: if you want to kill Americans, Europeans, Thai, Africans, Indians and others — but don’t want a heavy sentence in case you get caught — make sure to also kill some Serbs. Your next opportunity is just around the New Year’s corner.

David Hicks is free to go back to Kosovo too, this time as our ally.