The December issue of Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy–a subscription-only newsletter–confirms early news reports that the explosives used for the 7/7 London attacks and the 3/11 Madrid attacks the year before came from Kosovo and were shipped to their destinations via Bosnia. They were supplied by a Kosovo Albanian named Niam Behzloulzi, who goes by “Hulji,” in December, 2003–the same month that Britain’s Sunday Mirror published this report:

“Posing as members of the Real IRA, we…made our deal in Kosovo, a breeding ground for fanatics with al-Qaeda links. Our contact was the deputy commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army Niam Behljulji….Hulji is said to supply terrorists across Europe and has been accused of massacring Serbian women and children during the war. He even posed grinning for a photograph, holding the severed head of one of his victims…Hulji said: ‘The plastics (Semtex) is the old type. No metal strips inside. It cannot be detected at airports.’”

Boy, it’s a good thing we stopped Milosevic from cracking down on those guys!

“Hulji” answers directly to KLA boss Hashim Thaci, who in 1999 executed six of his own officers shortly before this picture was taken:


(Thaci recognized Albright after it was explained that she wasn’t the cleaning lady. Really.) Albright came back with glowing reports of her meeting with him, saying she found him completely charming. What could he have said that was so charming? “Gee, you don’t look Jewish”?

Now, about those “not religous, secular, Europeanized” Muslims of the Balkans whose side we were duped into taking against the Christian Serbs: Hulji, reports D&FA, is “in charge of many of the KLA’s secret operations, including narco-trafficking and narcotics production, and controls Islamist cells. …He is described by those who know him as a ‘fanatical Islamist’, who was trained in Afghanistan.” Meanwhile, if you get a chance, check out some of those Albanian-American Islamic Cultural Centers in New York and Wyoming.

Some more fond memories:

Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke with KLA terrorists in 1999. This weekend Holbrooke said, “I won’t be shedding a tear for Milosevic.” Here you can see why.

Thaci, UN Mission in Kosovo chief Bernard Kouchner, NATO Commander Sir Michael Jackson, KLA Gen. Agim Ceku (an honored guest at the 2004 Democratic Convention and Kosovo’s new prime minister), and NATO Commander Gen. Wesley Clark, who has been pushing for speedy independence for Kosovo this year, lest he upset his terrorist campaign donors.

Just to give some perspective on these particular terrorist allies of ours: Our Balkans interventions were not like our unholy alliances of the past, wherein we strategically chose the lesser of two evils (e.g. allying ourselves with mujahadeen against a clear and present Soviet enemy). For, in 1999, our government knew that the KLA was supported by Iran and bin Laden, against whom the U.S. already had issued two indictments. The Islamists were by then a known entity, specifically as our biggest post-Cold War threat. And Serbia wasn’t a threat to us, but quite the opposite.