Not that Albania is doing anything unsavory with the Emirates that we and the rest of the Western world aren’t doing, so let’s just put this in the mental file:

UAE, Albania sign military cooperation pact

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Albania have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under which the two countries will work to strengthen cooperation in military and defence fields, WAM reported Wednesday.

The MoU was signed by Chief of Staff of the UAE Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Hamad Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi and Albanian Defence Minister Fatmir Mediu, who is currently on a visit to the UAE.

Al Rumaithi welcomed Mediu’s visit and praised the progress of cooperation between the two countries, specially in military fields.

The Albanian defence minister expressed his country’s desire to further deepen ties of friendship and cooperation with the UAE.

Afterwards, Al Rumaithi received Rear Admiral Jacques Luanay, Commanding Officer of French Naval Forces in the Indian Ocean Maritime Zone and discussed with him military ties and ways to bolster them.

Again, to be fair, it’s worth pointing out that the Wall St. Journal loves the UAE too, taking a lead in letting them do as they will with our ports. Then again, that’s merely a consistency on The Journal’s part; after all, they publish Albanian Kosovo’s terrorist “prime minister” (not to mention war criminals named Wesley Clark).

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