This drawing was done by a reader who signs his artwork “Vandal.” Below is a shortened version of his original letter, which outlines his train of thought that led to the drawing:

I couldn’t believe my own eyes!…I see you do not follow the “demonizers”. My people are demonized from a long time ago. We Serbs are demonized from Greco-Roman antiquity to nowadays. Quite a long story!…As I’m writing this, I realize I could simply draw a Serbian baby. Why? Because mass media demonization of the Serbs touched every one of my people, including the weakest…[but] we have no choice: we have to be strong.

[Whether it’s] because it’s a Franco-GERMAN TV news channel [that I watch] or not…but they can’t stop preaching Croat and/or Muslim sufferings and/or commemorations of their deads due to “SSSSSerb terror.” (The contrary never exists: not a single SERB died in mass-media).

French mass media always use a special manner of saying the word: “SERB”. It’s something like: “SSSSSSSSERB”. “The SSSSSERBs did this and that…” We SERBS believe that in order to be a western journalist, people have to pronounce “SSSSSSSSERB”, with this very long “ssssss”, if they want to be listened to. So, whenever they speak about SERBS, my wife and I cannot do anything else but “smile” listening at how they make my people “a dangerous sssnake people”.

And then my consciousness vanishes a bit, I seek (and sink) in my deepest self…being a “ssssnake people”. SERBS=SERPENTS. When they pronounce “SSSSERB”, how on earth couldn’t anybody hear “SSSSERPents”?! Can you imagine us, as parents, explaining to our son: “The way they call us, my son, isn’t strange: they must think we are a “snake people”.