The Prizren League — the famous meeting that set out to combine into a “Greater Albania” all lands where there were large populations of Albanians — took place on June 10, 1878. Once again, here is how its organizers were described, from Andy Wilcoxson’s forthcoming book:

In 1880 Kirby Green, the British consul for Northern Albania, wrote about the situation in Kosovo, saying, “The Albanian League is an organization of the most fanatical Muslims in the country. Those people are now taken up with extreme religious fanaticism and hatred of Christians. With the exception perhaps of Mecca, Prizren is the most dangerous spot for a Christian to be in all Mohammedan countries.”

It has only now come to my attention, thanks to an Albanian newspaper, that Bush’s recent historic visit to Albania — the first ever by a sitting American president — to endorse Kosovo independence and ceremonialize closer ties between the U.S. and a Muslim Greater Albania, was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren — June 10th.