Albanian PM: We don’t want Kosovo
19 January 2008 | 15:23 | Source: Tanjug

TIRANA — There will be no unification with Kosovo, Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said Saturday.

He told the Austrian APA agency in Tirana that, “after the forthcoming declaration of Kosovo’s independence,” his country will not seek to make the Serbian province a part of its territory.

“Simply because the division from one century ago created two very different Albanian realities – one in Tirana, another in Priština,” Berisha cited the reasons.

“If the population of Kosovo could vote for independence or unification [with Albania], I’m absolutely certain that 98, if not 99 percent would choose independence. Reality must be respected,” he said.

Today Albania faces different challenges than those found in Kosovo, Berisha said, and added, “in ten years’ time Albania will be a developed country, and certainly an EU and NATO member.”

Whether Berisha is lying or uncharacteristically telling the truth, the point is that it’s not up to him. Which is why, as American Council for Kosovo director Jim Jatras was telling me, Greater Albania is going to be more like a Greater Kosovo — and indeed most Albanians in Albania won’t welcome it. But they’ll be Kosovized whether they like it or not. To see the look on the faces of Albanians in Albania when they meet the consequences of supporting the “Kosovar” struggle, well I just hope there’s some popcorn and soda near by.