GRAND MUFTI OF BOSNIA CALLS FOR STANDING BY SYRIA reports that Bosnian Grand Mufti Reiss-ul-ulema Mustafa Ceric has called for “standing by Syria in the face of pressures put on her. ‘What Syria is exposed to and what is going on in Iraq and Palestine disturb us in the west,’ the Mufti said in an interview with Tunisian al-Shorok newspaper, adding: ‘There would be no peace in the west without the realization of peace in the east.’”

Yes, this comes from a representative of those non-religious, secular, Europeanized Muslims we went to war to “defend” a few short years ago. They’re also the non-Muslim Muslims who were cheering on 9/11 and were among 10 Muslim nations whose ambassadors signed a letter to Denmark complaining about Danish freedom of speech during the first round of the Muhammad-cartoon controversy last October. Bosnian Muslims protested again last month, this time adding anti-Semitic and anti-Bush slogans. BBC carried a description of the scene in Sarajevo:

“With chants of ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is great) hundreds of Bosnia-Hercegovina [B-H] Muslims set fire to Norwegian and Danish flags, which had ‘Go to Hell’ written in English on them, during today’s protest in Sarajevo. …There were no incidents during the half-hour gathering outside the French embassy in Sarajevo, although there were insulting chants directed at Serbs and Jews, as well as US President George Bush. A few hundred B-H Muslims chanted ‘For Allah, against the Vlachs [derogatory term for non-Muslims]’ and ‘Bush and Jews are the terrorists’.”