Hollywood Support for Serbia Grows (translated by Svetlana at Byzantine Sacred Art)

Carrying the information from Frankfurt daily News, RTS [Radio-TV Serbia] reported on Sunday that, after two among the most popular Hollywood stars, George Clooney and Sharon Stone, announced they will organize a protest against severing [the] province of Kosovo and Metohija from the rest of Serbia, they were joined by Richard Gere and the all-time favorite James Bond — Sir Sean Connery.

“In case Serbian officials and Russia do not succeed in preserving Kosovo, the celebrated Hollywood stars might. The world’s most famous stars will, most probably already next month, stand in defense of the southern Serbian province in Hollywood, the heart of [the] international movie industry: Sharon Stone, George Clooney, and also Richard Gere and Sir Sean Connery,” the Frankfurt daily News say[s].

And here we get to some very important observations by the actors:

The daily also notes that George Clooney, in an earlier interview, said that even though he avidly follows all the world’s events, he is given no opportunity to hear the Serbian side too, when it comes to solving the issue of Serbian province’s status.

That’s exactly right. One thing I noted repeatedly since the 1999 bombing is that, unlike every other war in recent memory — in which we hear incessantly from the enemy, as the media tries to engender sympathy by the American public for the enemy — we were given to hear very little from Serbs. This, instinctively to me, belied the Serbs’ “enemy” status. Simple proof: if the media always makes sure we hear abundantly from the enemy side, and we weren’t hearing from the enemy side in that war, ergo the Serbs were not an enemy. Back to the article:

“[The] Serbian lobby is very weak in United States and all one can hear or read comes from [pro-independence] Albanian lobby and lobbyists. I can’t hear the other side,” said Clooney.

Clooney nails it again. For all the talk of the “‘Serbian lobby”, and all the accusations that the tiny dissenting camp that includes me hear about our “buying” what the “Serbian lobby” is selling — and propagating Serbian “propaganda” (WHERE O WHERE is that propaganda — if only someone could point me in its direction) — somehow Clooney knows that it’s virtually non-existent. And somehow he also seems to know that the Albanian lobby has been in overdrive, and is driving our policy.

He revealed that Sharon Stone, his long-time friend, already spoke to many influential people in the U.S., in order to prevent the forced severing of a part of Serbia.

Among the first, she talked to Richard Gere who was campaigning for the independence of Tibet, but was not favorably disposed towards the Serbian side. Frankfurt News confirms that Gere will join the protest against Kosovo-Metohija amputation after all, because he became extremely suspicious of the intentions of Western powers, due to their overwhelming pressure and stubborn insistence to sever the province from the rest of Serbia.

“There must be something [else] about Kosovo, since they are so bent on seizing it,” Gere said.

The fact that Richard Gere has noted what can be described as an obsession by our government with Kosovo independence when the majority of the blogosphere — not to speak of the MSM — has not, is impressive. Every once in a while, suspicion and cynicism of the West pays off. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day. And that’s what most actors are. Hopefully, one day Gere will learn enough about the Balkans that he will be terribly embarrassed about his role in the recent flop “The Hunting Party” (working title Spring Break in Bosnia). Sean Connery made a similar point to Gere’s:

The most popular James Bond of all times, Sir Sean Connery, reacted similarly. To him, the situation surrounding [the] Serbian province can also be viewed from the perspective of his native Scotland.

“During its history, Scotland has had far more grounds to be granted independence, but it was not allowed to secede. What could possibly be the difference between my homeland and Kosovo, to create such a precedent now?!”, asked the celebrated actor.

Meanwhile, PressOnline reported on Monday that more famous American movie stars will join the protests against dismemberment of Serbia.

“…Serbia is also supported by Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Johnny Depp…”

Reportedly, Tom Hanks is among the fiercest opponents of severing of southern Serbian province. The famous star who is a direct descendant of Nancy Hanks, mother of the American president Abraham Lincoln, was recently baptized in the Eastern Orthodox Church, after marrying the actress Rita Wilson, who is of Greek decent.

The fact one of the Hollywood legends — Robert De Niro — has also joined the campaign in defense of southern Serbian province of Kosovo-Metohija hasn’t surprised the well-informed, especially after the celebrated master-actor publicly supported Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic: back when De Niro was an unknown American student, he traveled to Serbia and spent, according to his own words, memorable days among the Serbian farmers in a small village in Sumadija.

He named his daughter Drina, after his favorite novel “Bridge on Drina River” by the Serbian writer and Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric. De Niro is known for his high regard for Serbian people, also reflected in his choice of staff mostly comprised of Serbs — from the nanny and gardeners, to horse-trainers and private security guards.

Well it’s certainly helpful to the Serbs that a Republican is in power — though not in the way they thought when Serbian-Americans voted for him. What I mean is that with Bush in power, a Hollywood person sure does feel a lot less conflicted about protesting an injustice. Unlike when we were actually dropping bombs on the Serbs during the Clinton administration. Also worth noting:

Bush: on the wrong side of jihad
Actors: on the right side

Interesting times.