I received two letters in response to last week’s article about how Yad Vashem allowed itself — and the Albanian Righteous of WWII — to be used to further a supremacist agenda in Kosovo, in what is a continuing betrayal of the Serbs, who as a people resisted the Nazis like no other Europeans; who died alongside the Jews in concentration camps; and who had the best relations with Jews of all Eastern Europeans. I’m reproducing the letters here. The first is from a prominent sholar and professor of Middle East Studies at Hebrew University named Mordechai Nisan:

I bemoan Israel’s proclivity and abstruseness in allying with enemies and estranging friends. There have been far too many cases of this. It arises from a self-demeaning syndrome that suggests, no one could possibly be on the side of the Jews, even if they are. The long Exile punctured our moral soundness and self-confidence in an otherwise spiritual survival for the small physical remnant of world Jewry. We have no true leader, no moral leadership in the political realm; no national teacher, which is what classic politics are all about. Israel is drifting along…

The second letter comes from writer Seth Frantzman:

Please send Julia my regards on a good article regardng the use of the Jews for Albania’s interest. You might be interested that I attended a JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) presentation regarding how the JDC “saved Muslim lives” during the siege of Sarajevo and how the JDC, a Jewish organization, was therefore “doing unto others what should have been done for the Jews in 1942″ since the Bosnian Muslims are “like the Jews”. Ironically the presenter, who is a Jew from Sarajevo, after giving us the stereotypical “Jews and Muslims and Christians lived peacefully for hundreds of years in Sarajevo” admitted that Jews in Sarajevo during the war “were often accused of being collaborators with the Serbs and the Muslims accused us of being the traditional allies of the Serbs.”

Only Jews would make sure to give aid and support to the very people who hate them. It would be too much to ask of Jewish philanthropy that it ever support those people who really did fight on the side of the Jews against the Nazi menace. Leftist secular Jews (religious and conservative Jews don’t give to these giant Jewish charities and they don’t participate in these charades) make sure to always support every people who hate Jews because they have a historical inferiority complex of feeling like the dirty unwanted child in the classroom, and they are always begging to be liked. But just like that dirty kid, they don’t beg to be liked by those that already like them, they beg to be liked by those that hate them under the false notion that those people need to be convinced that accepting the Jews is the right thing to do.

Surely had Nazism existed today leftist Jews would be at the forefront of encouraging the world to “understand German demands and understand the historical grievances of Germany and understand how American foreign policy has harmed Germany and how poverty is the real cause of Nazism.” If Nazism were growing today, leftist Jews would be at the forefront of appeasement and leftist Jews would all be traveling to Germany to learn German and “understand German culture.”

Here’s a glimpse of that “collaboration” which the Muslim-loving Jewish presenter from Sarajevo was honest enough to recall. It comes from the September 2, 1994 issue of the London Jewish Chronicle:

‘Sarajevo Jews Arrested’

Sarajevo Jews have been hit by an apparent campaign to discredit the community and its leaders, the JC learned this week.

Communal leaders contacted by telephone said police had arrested and interrogated a number of Sarajevo Jews, some of whom hold dual Bosnian-Israeli citizenship. They were later released. Police also reportedly seized passports and communal documents.

Local Jewish leaders are viewing the police action with grave concern — especially since the Jewish community has strived to maintain the trust of all parties in the conflict, providing humanitarian assistance to whoever needed it.

The campaign reportedly began on July 14, when a car with four Jewish passengers was searched and its occupants detained for “informative talks.” Later, the vice-president of the community, Danilo Nikolic, was reportedly held for five days, during which he was interrogated 10 hours a day. Sonya Elazar, head of a Jewish women’s organisation in Sarajevo, and the niece of the late Lieutenant-General David “Dado” Elazar, the Israeli chief of staff during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, has also been questioned.

Ivan Ceresnjec, president of the Sarajevo community, said the police seemed intent upon establishing that Jews had been conniving with the enemy. “They are trying to discredit leading persons in the community. We are a totally unpolitical organisation,” he said.

Mr. Ceresnjec said allegations by Bosnian officials that Jews were acting against Bosnian national interest were “totally unfounded. We are helping civilians on all sides. All parties have expressed their gratitude for what we are doing. We have been literally risking our lives to save lives,” he said.

It’s that helping of “all sides” that did the Jews in. That’s enough to get accused of acting against the “Bosnian national interest,” given that in a Muslim-dominated state, there is only one side you can safely help.

All of this rings a far more recent bell, from August:

Bosnian Muslim paper accuses Serbs, Jews of conspiracy against Islam

In a front page cover bearing [a] resemblance to the infamous Nazi poster Eternal Jew, Bosnian Muslim newspaper Novi Horizonti is accusing Jews and Serbs of conspiring against Islam, and comparing both Jews and Serbs to habitual killers of Muslims in Palestine and Bosnia.

“So, what is that which connects Serbian nationalists and Zionists?” asks Novi Horizonti.

“Surely, the only common thread that connects those two non connectable categories is demonization of Muslim Bosniaks and Palestinians and their characterization as the world terrorists, so they could get world support for their evil political objectives,” explains Novi Horizonti.

The Editor in Chief of Novi Horizonti is Ahmed Adilovic. According to a witness testimony at the war crimes court at The Hague, Adilovic was cited as the chief “of information, propaganda, and religious affairs” for the Bosnian Muslim army during the war in the 1990s.

The Hague Court also identifies Adilovic as the author of an August 4, 1993 analysis of the “combat morale situation” of the Bosnian Muslim fighters in which he wrote that Bosnian Muslims feel more secure by the presence of foreign Jihadists in their ranks which, in turn, enhances their battlefield performance in killing Serbs.

Adilovic’s advisor from the Magazine’s Advisory Board, Šefik Kurdic, said that the presence of foreign fighters in Bosnia has been influential in “initiation of jihad as a religious duty against infidels and heathen” and that the most important goal of jihad is the spread of Islam through missionary work, dawa, which includes presence of Jihadi fighters referred to as the mujahedin.

Another [magazine] advisor, Halil Mehtic, is an author of a booklet “Instructions to a Muslim Fighter” which was distributed to every fighter in the Bosnian Muslim army during the fighting in the 1990s. In it, Mehtic wrote that killing and torturing non-Muslim civilians is allowed and it must be ordered by a superior officer.

All three of these authors now hold doctorate degrees, some acquired from Islamic universities.

As additional supportive evidence for conspiracy claims, Novi Horizonti makes disputable assertions such as the “Zionists had an informal alliance with German Nazis”; that American “neoconservatives are, actually, anti-Semites” and “Serbian nationalists… hate Jews”.

[The] magazine’s pretext for accusations of an alleged Jewish-Serb conspiracy is an award Milorad Dodik, President of the Serbian Republic in Bosnia, received from Ariel Livne, chief representative of the World Jewish Congress for former Yugoslavia.

Nazis and their Muslim allies in Bosnia took part in a massive genocide of Serbs and Jews in WWII and the award recognizes that.

“[The] medal that was awarded to Milorad Dodik,” analyzes Bosnian Muslim publicist Alispahic, is part of a “wider strategy of strengthening great-Serbian and Zionist connections, and all to [the] detriment of Muslims”.

“In the end, haven’t many Zionist atrocities already been awarded the highest world recognition for peace despite that their hands are in blood up to their elbows,” says Alispahic.

The influential President of the Congress of the Islamic Community of Bosnia, Edhem Bicakcic, wants Bosnia to re-evaluate its relationship with Israel.