I’m making a list of countries that I’d move to in the event that someone wins the 2008 presidential election. (Personally, I think we can skip having a president until someone suitable turns up). Now, after hearing of articles such as the one described below, Spain is going on the list:

Spanish paper: Mistake called Kosovo

MADRID — One of Spain’s most influential dailies says that Kosovo’s independence is imminent, and wrong.

“Kosovo will soon declare independence, with the backing of Germany and the United States, despite the fact that the border change was not in keeping with international law, nor EU practice, and Spain is not heard or listened to by anyone in the EU,” ABC’s said today in an editorial.

“The creation of an independent state for Kosovo Albanians will set a precedent for many parts of Europe with minorities who, often without reason, consider themselves discriminated,” the daily wrote.

“The self-determination of Albanians in Serbia constitutes a dangerous precedent for Spain, because it will incite nationalists to demand even more strongly the right to unilaterally declare their independence,” the commentary said.

The author, Perdo [Pedro?] Schwarz, pointed out that state borders, “at least in the European continent,” are inviolable, and that this principle was “more important than succumbing to the temptation to create new states in line with ethnic principle.”

The article stressed that Kosovo Albanians, encouraged by the support of the UN special envoy, Martti Ahtisaari, and the promise of independence by the United States and some EU members, “did not show the least readiness to reach a reasonable agreement with Belgrade.”