The next war is begun, as this February 2nd report shows:

Kosovo police block two Serb villages

KPS [Kosovo Police Service/former KLA] and KFOR withdrew around midnight Friday from the vicinity of Serb villages of Ranilug and Korminjane, near Gnjilane. The Kosovo villages were cordoned off….Some 5,000 residents were not told why their villages and the Gnjilane - Bujanovac road were isolated for several hours. Kosovo police, KPS, spokesman in Gnjilane Ismet Hisseni did not disclose any details on the operation, describing it as “routine control for security reasons.”

Just to spell this out: We are post-9/11, and our government is about to engage the United States military against European Christians who don’t want to live under Muslim rule. We are once again on the brink of using military force against a Christian nation in order to create a Muslim state in Europe, as February 17th looms. That is the date Albanians have chosen to unilaterally declare independence, outside of international law and with full U.S. backing.

It is worth reminding the conservative blogosphere, which has chosen to ignore the region entirely or, alternately, bolster the jihadist pro-independence p0sition, that they are helping implement a Clinton-era policy, supported and co-financed by George Soros, and pursued from a pre-9/11 mindset. My fellow conservatives, you do not defend America or American policy when you support our pro-independence policy in Kosovo; you support Hillary and Bill Clinton, George Soros, and Osama bin Laden, who co-financed and co-trained the KLA troops that we and Germany co-financed and co-trained.

Then again, conservatives easily forgot that the Soros-funded John McCain has acted as a traitor to the pro-American Republican Party from the moment he didn’t get the nomination in 2000, and have now allowed him to become the favored presidential nominee. Incidentally, this candidate was paid with Albanian money to be an early and chief architect of the Soros-financed, Clinton-era and now State Department-led policy in Kosovo. Good going, Republicans.

It is a rare thing to meet someone among the remaining 100,000 Christians of Kosovo who hasn’t had a close relative or friend slaughtered by the Albanian “non-Islamic” Muslims since our intervention, the selfsame Muslims we’re gifting Serbian territory to. While Serbia and Russia fight to ensure these remaining Christians don’t have to live under Albanian-Muslim rule — either by partitioning the province, or by fighting the Albanians to keep the province within Serbia — the U.S. and its NATO allies will fight Serbia and Russia to make sure that Europe’s newest, U.S.-created Muslim state gets all the territory it demands.

Know this: There is zero difference between the 1999 redux we’re about to witness and U.S./NATO engaging Israel by force in order to hand all of the West Bank and east Jerusalem to the Palestinians under Hamas.

If a blog storm isn’t begun before this Sunday, February 17th, we’ll have sealed not only the fate of Europe, but of Israel and the U.S. itself.

If this doesn’t worry you, and you’d rather make an exception in your jihad views for an area because it fits in with a more comfortable, manufactured Cold War context, then be prepared for some pretty nasty consequences.

These are no longer the 1980s and 90s. It is not OK to view this, or Russia’s correct stance against our incorrect one, in a Cold War context. It is not OK to ally with Iran and deliver territory to al Qaeda. It wasn’t OK in the 90s either, but we let it happen then. Let’s not let it happen again.

I once laughed at the notion that there needs to be “balance” in the world against the lone remaining superpower, America. “America is the balance,” I would quip, “against the evil of the world.” And I wondered when Europe would realize it’s God’s laughing stock, and when a country named Russia would burn to hell and its earth be salted.

Thinking that America engaged only in necessary evil — or at least made an effort to — I didn’t think I’d live to see the day when it would be the chief purveyor of evil in a given region, when America would move from superpower to hegemon, and Russia would become a necessary check on that. Such is the perverse situation that Democrats and Republicans have created together, in a rare show of solidarity.

Given that we’re creating a mafia-run jihadist haven in Kosovo, whose U.S.-spawned statehood exposes our government’s disregard ultimately for its own citizens’ safety, not to speak of the safety of non-Muslims in Europe, how can we ever expect any other world power — never mind the jihadists — to care about American lives, and think twice before striking?

EU states Romania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Spain, Bulgaria and Greece oppose Kosovo independence on the grounds that the move will destabilize Europe (and it will — separatist movements across the globe are watching Kosovo carefully), and on the principle of international law, which the U.S. and Kosovo are aggressively breaking.

As Romanian President Traian Basescu asked recently at a Brussels conference, “What message are we sending to multi-ethnic societies or to other states that are facing ethnic issues or frozen conflicts?”