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Wahhabis attack journalists
2 April 2007 | Source: FoNet

TUZLA [Bosnia]– Several Wahhabis assaulted reporters covering the funeral of Jusuf Barčić, their leader in Bosnia.

Nezavisne Novine daily reports that members of the extremist Islamic movement banned journalists from taking photographs or going near the Tuzla mosque Sunday.

The ceremony was attended by more than 3,000 Wahhabis. Some 50 uniformed and plain clothes police officers provided security at the funeral from a distance, and failed to react after Qaray Qanel bin Ali, a Palestinian man, threatened to smash the journalists’ cameras.

The policemen also ignored a physical assault on a Sarajevo daily Dnevni Avaz reporter, who was pushed and dragged at the Palestinian’s orders.

Barčić died Friday after sustaining lethal injuries in a car crash near Tuzla, eastern Bosnia.

And who can forget this 2006 item: Bosnian Hospital to Treat Palestinians Hurt while Trying to Kill Jews. Or this from last week: Bosnian Imam Accuses Jews of Genocide.

A footnote on Barcic, from the Israeli security consulting firm ISA:

a self-proclaimed Bosnian sheikh who led several raids on mosques in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica, to the outrage of the local moderate Islamic community. Barcic also served a seven-month prison sentence for domestic violence.

And one more item on the scene at his funeral:

“Bosnian Townsfolk “Shocked” at Wahhabi Throng Attending Leader’s Funeral”

BBC Monitoring International Reports - April 4, 2007
Text of report by Bosnian Croat daily Dnevni List on 3 April

Mostar/Tuzla: The sight of several thousand Wahhabis who gathered to attend the funeral of Jusuf Barcic, leader of the Wahhabis in Bosnia-Hercegovina, has shocked the public.

No one has ever guessed that there are so many supporters of the movement in this country. [Who Knew!] For a couple of hours, they made the Bukovcici cemetery look like Palestine. On many occasions the local authorities have denied the existence of such a great number of Wahhabis in Bosnia-Hercegovina and have often emphasized that they do not pose a threat. However, the Wahhabis’ hostility toward journalists and the police was terrifying. Yesterday, the residents of Tuzla, where Barcic was buried on Sunday [1 April] afternoon, were still in shock at the sights they saw in their city. The feeling of helplessness and fear spread via the media across the whole country.

The residents of Tuzla, who withdrew into their homes fearing an ‘invasion’ by the Wahhabis before and after Barcic’s funeral, were particularly shocked to see that the burial was attended by several members of the Kalesija IZ [Islamic Community] and Tuzla Mufti Husein effendi Kavazovic. [SHOCKING!] It was even more shocking because it was none other than Mufti Kavazovic who had called on the authorities to take action against Barcic’s Wahhabis. [Go Figure!]

It is also worth noting that Mufti Kavazovic stood in the front row during Barcic’s funeral, while the followers of radical Islam, whose very appearances inspired fear, even climbed trees to get a better view of the ceremony. The whole city resounded with the shouts of Allahu Akhbar. [In Bosnia? Nawwwwwwwwww!]

Apart from having verbally attacked journalists before the funeral and even made death threats against a few of them [EVEN death threats?!], the Wahhabis recorded all of them using the cameras they had brought to record the event. Yesterday, journalists, too, were frightened for their lives.

Nevertheless, Izudin Saric, spokesman for the Tuzla Cantonal MUP [Interior Ministry], yesterday told us that no criminal charges would be filed against the Wahhabis because the journalists had not been physically attacked.

We have received no confirmation of alleged attacks on the police, of which journalists reported from the scene. According to some information, during the burial the police officers in charge of securing the event took photographs of Barcic’s followers. They will be investigated to see if any of them have terrorist ties. [IF?] But that is little consolation for the citizens.

To those who are still mystified by such developments, perhaps this April 1999 Reuters photo will shed some light:

(Fun caption, huh?)