OSCE Statement, Feb. 12, 2008

Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina Should Be Inclusive, Not Exclusive

Among the human rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Article II of Annex Four of the Dayton Agreement are freedom of thought, conscience, and religion; freedom of expression; freedom of peaceful assembly; and freedom of association with others.

Recently, certain educational authorities in Canton Sarajevo have apparently proposed introducing religious instruction into the kindergarten curriculum. While in theory there is nothing wrong with this, beyond of course adding a subject to the pre-school curriculum that most experts would contend ought not to be taught until students grow much older, it does raise questions about exclusivity and discrimination, for reports also suggest that such instruction would be purely Islamic in orientation.

ISLAMIC orientation? Not Secular-Bosnian? Not European-Muslim? Not Nominal-Muslim? Not Non-Practicing Muslim? But, like, ISLAMIC? Well who could see THAT coming?

In a multi-national and multi-confessional country such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, this threatens to work against the fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the country’s own constitution, which also states that: “the enjoyment of the rights and freedoms provided for in this Article or in the international agreements listed in Annex I to this Constitution shall be secured to all persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina without discrimination on any ground such as sex, race, color, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, property, birth or other status.”

In addition, the newly adopted Framework Law on Pre-school Education states: “pre-school institutions shall develop, promote and respect national and religious freedom, customs, tolerance and the culture of dialogue.”

In the interests of fairness and of compliance with the current legal and constitutional order, it would seem only logical for the cantonal authorities to introduce religious instruction into the canton’s pre-schools in all the faiths and confessions represented in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the interests of proper pedagogy, however, it would also seem more sensible to postpone such instruction until such time as students are of an age and intellectual maturity to be able properly to receive it.

We are therefore moved to suggest that this country’s political and religious leaders focus their energies and efforts instead on something that is of fundamental important to their future in Europe – that is, on transforming the country’s pre-school, primary and secondary schools from institutions that emphasise the differences among peoples into institutions that foster a sense that the citizens of this country can have more than one identity…

Unless it cultivates and creates this sense of belonging among its citizens, regardless of their race or religion or culture, Bosnia and Herzegovina has little prospect of taking its desired place in the larger European family of democratic states.

Oh yeah? We’ll just see about that. We’ll see if Muhammed is coming to Mountain, or if Mountain will in fact be coming to Muhammad. This old thing should answer that question:

UN Commissioner to Balkan calls for recognizing Islam as European culture

SARAJEVO (KUNA) — UN Commissioner to the Balkans Carl Bildt on Saturday called for recognizing Islam as part of the European culture, asserting that Muslims in Balkan formed a unique and positive factor in European affairs.

In a statement on the Balkan Convention for Development and Cooperation, which took place in Macedonia, Bildt told KUNA that Muslims in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Kosovo, proved that they are characterized with tolerance and cooperation with other societies, noting that they were victims of the others, not visa versa.

Bildt, who is the former UN commissioner for Bosnia and former Sweden’s prime minister, said the war in Bosnia proved that Muslims were victims and did not practice revenge based upon religion or ethnicity, which reinforces the fundamentals of their religious culture that prevents such practices.

The official demanded the developing of the Balkans as a whole, calling for accepting all the region’s countries together in the EU to prevent any issues or conflicts that might be generated by keeping some Balkan countries outside the EU.

Say, if Bosnian Muslims were the Good Guys, the “victims”, as Mr. Bildt says above, then how does one explain all this:

Bodies of 17 JNA members identified
28 April 2007 | 18:48 | Source: Tanjug

BANJA LUKA — The Republic of Srpska (RS) Office for Missing and Detained Persons identified the bodies of 17 Yugoslav Army (JNA) members.

The bodies were recovered from the Memorial Crypt in Bijeljina, which is said to contain 80-odd bodies of Yugoslav Army (JNA) soldiers killed in the “Tuzla incident”, all buried as unidentified persons.

The incident occurred 15 years ago when an extremist Muslim organization known as the Patriotic League, supposedly in co-operation with local authorities in Tuzla, attacked the column of JNA vehicles as they were leaving Tuzla in an attempt to reach Serbia via Bijeljina.

The armed attack was broadcast live on a local television station, where it could be clearly seen that the shots came even from the hospital building in Tuzla. As many as 200 JNA soldiers and officers were killed, and 140 were detained and subsequently abused.

Žarko Radić, the chairman of the Bijeljina-based Association of families of missing persons said it was almost impossible to precisely assess the number of persons buried in the Crypt since the coffins often contained remains of several persons.

The Bosnian Prosecution said investigation into the involvement of the then Tuzla municipal authorities was underway. Nonetheless, no one has yet faced justice for the attack.

Help! The Bosnian narrative keeps falling apart!

Bosnia: Two war crimes arrests
23 March 2007 | 09:19 | Source: Beta

SARAJEVO — Two former Bosnian Army soldiers suspected of war crimes were arrested Thursday.

Nisvet Gasal and Musajb Kukavica were placed under arrest in Bugojno, a spokesman for the Bosnian prosecution has said.

The two are under suspicion of having committed war crimes against Croatian civilians and prisoners of war, in 1993 and 1994 in the Bugojno area.

Accused war criminal apologizes to victim
10 January 2007 | 09:39 | Source: BIRN

SARAJEVO — Faced with the prosecution’s first witness, Niset Ramić, accused of executing Bosnian Serbs in Visoko, apologized.

Niset Ramić, a.k.a. Minđuša, stands accused before a Bosnian court for having committed war crimes against Serb civilians in central Bosnia.

When faced with the witness whose parents were executed in 1992, he said, “I apologize for having shot you, your mother and your father”.

The witness, Zoran Damjanović, who survived the June 20, 1992 shooting of civilians in the village of Hlapševići near Visoko, for which Ramić stands trial, was taken from his family home together with his parents.

According to the indictment, members of the demolition unit of Visoko’s Territorial Defense took the Damjanovićs, along with Sretko Masal and Željko and Dušanka Ristić to a location in the village where Ramić shot them. Four persons were killed, while two were wounded.

Ramić declared himself guilty of the crime during the investigation, but pleaded not guilty after the indictment was issued.

Damnjanović told the court that the prisoners were taken to a house in the village, where they were lined up against the wall, and then shot at.

“Minđuša killed Željko first, and then sprayed bullets on us”, the witness described the moment he and another person were wounded, while four others, including his parents, died.

What makes the Bosnians indeed less Muslimy is that they do in fact apologize to infidels, and as grim as this story is, that’s refreshing. But as the item that began this post (see first one above) indicates, their leaders are leading them in the devil’s direction. That is, the usual direction to go in after pro-Muslim intervention by the West.