As I outlined for the American public in this recent video, I was much more multicultural about my fornication than JFK was. Just look at JFK’s illegitimate child who has come forward this week:

And now look at mines:

A family photo album you haven’t seen:

From (1999):

Bobbie Ann Williams was a prostitute in Little Rock who claims she became pregnant by Bill Clinton…[She was] certain that it was Bill’s child since he had been her only white customer that month! Both Bobbie and her sister passed polygraph tests regarding Bobbie’ relationship to Clinton and their belief that Danny is his child. The British press, amazingly enough, got Buddy Young, then a trooper, now #2 at FEMA, to admit he had driven Bill Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to one of their “sex orgies”.

I just want to take this opportunity to say that I resent the depiction of me in the 1998 film “Primary Colors” as having impregnated a black teenager. As I said in the above-mentioned video, unlike JFK, I stayed away from teenagers.

For more background about my other family, read “Accuser’s Prosecution Revives Clinton ‘Love Child’ Questions