The perverseness of the Kosovo situation is such that on the eve of the land theft last week, conservative Heritage Foundation writers Nile Gardiner and Sally McNamara co-blogged a piece titled “The West Must Back Full Independence for Kosovo,” filled with the usual talking points referencing Srebrenica as the “biggest atrocity in Europe since the Second World War,” and a quick gloss over the supposed case for independence — in much the same language that’s being parroted by every country supporting Kosovo independence to avoid unpleasantness from Albanians:

In 1998 and 1999, Serbia waged a barbaric campaign of ethnic cleansing against ethnic Albanians that left more than 10,000 people dead.

Although the “barbarism” was debunked even in the mainstream media, like our politicians, Gardiner and McNamara know that the American public was long sold on its mythology, so they easily build a false argument off this faulty premise and move on to the next point. Doing so involves swallowing all the media-circulated, State Department-spawned, and Muslim-financed propaganda that conservatives otherwise are very suspicious of when it doesn’t concern the Balkans or Serbs.

And so new rules are made up as we go along in which its fabled butchery “exempts [Serbia] from the rule that international borders can only be changed with the agreement of all parties,” as Thomas Landen recenty wrote in the Brussels Journal. “They want to ‘punish’ Serbia for its misbehavior in the 1990s, but fail to see that they are ‘punishing’ the whole of Europe by saddling it with a state run by criminal gangs.”

Activist Liz Milanovich seconded the notion, writing in an email:

The rampant common stupidity of ‘the West’ in not focusing on their real enemy is a very real danger. Bosnia and Kosovo, and adjoining areas, are now crawling with Islamic extremists and jihadists but the US / NATO war on terrorism makes a u-turn in the Balkans in the mad dash to recognize a crime-infested, intolerant and extremist Islamic state in Europe.

Such is the “political reality” that according to Gardiner and McNamara “should be welcomed by Washington, London, and other European capitals.”

Wanting to build a third Muslim state in Europe at the expense of Christians, and to implement a Clinton/Soros policy in an area to be ruled by gangsters, with an economy run on the drug- and sex-trade, reminding us where the word “slave” comes from — Slav — is an interesting new direction for the Heritage Foundation, whose actual outlook is hopefully more represented by their writer Ariel Cohen in his March 2007 article “US should support Serbia, not Kosovo Albanian radicals.”

The most delicious part of the McNamara-Gardiner “analysis” was the section heading “The West Must be Tough with Serbia”.

Yes, time to get tough on those Serbs after kicking their teeth in for two decades, dismembering them, defecating down their necks — each time after they’ve made whatever concession was asked of them, most recently electing the American-backed president; before that it was ousting Milosevic, then allowing him to be kidnapped to the Hague, with the Western-installed government even blackmailing at least one witness for false testimony against him; before that it was agreeing to pull out of Kosovo while the KLA reneged and fortified its positions; and before that it was Dayton. It goes on and on.

With the exception of Milosevic not agreeing to full occupation of Yugoslavia by NATO in 1999 — something the Rambouillet architects knew that no sovereign could ever agree to, and which was the intended trigger for the bombing — Serbia has repeatedly and consistently bore its neck for the West in a desperate, slavish and suicidal attempt to lose its pariah status, and get onto the EU track. And every time, we kicked it in the groin.

Having Russia for a best friend is not where Belgrade envisioned itself being in 2008. It is where we forced it to be, kicking and shoving Serbia into Russia’s arms, which they didn’t seek as they desperately tried to be America’s pet instead, even sending troops for the Iraq war. So take with a grain of salt the ubiquitous descriptive half-phrase “traditional allies Serbia and Russia,” or “long-time Slavic allies Russia and Serbia.” Especially considering this, from the late Sir Alfred Sherman, former national security adviser to Margaret Thatcher, writing in a September 1994 issue of the London Jewish Chronicle during the Bosnian war:

Though putative Russian public opinion in favour of the Serbs is played up by the Western media, Moscow’s policy has, in fact, been tilted in favor of the Muslims. Otherwise Moscow could simply have vetoed the devastating sanctions imposed on Serbia by the United Nations on the occasion of the shelling of Sarajevo.

Arms, mainly from former Soviet-bloc countries financed by oil-rich Muslim states, are reportedly reaching the Muslims despite the blockade. Some are said to have been delivered to Croatia by Soviet planes.

According to the bio on the Heritage piece in question, Gardiner is “Director of and Sally McNamara is Senior Policy Analyst in European Affairs in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation.” And sure enough, their article cites Margaret Thatcher’s similar stance on the region where, like every other respectable conservative mind, had a blind spot. Sir Alfred Sherman, who also co-founded the Centre for Policy Studies with Thatcher could attest to that. Sir Alfred died in August 2006 — just a few months after signing on to the advisory board of the American Council for Kosovo.