I mentioned last week that a local St. Louis radio station reported that a minaret (Islamic prayer tower) was being built — but that I was awaiting confirmation. Well now we have it from reader Zachary B., who has taken photos of it for us, as it’s fewer than six blocks from his house.

A snapshot of the new Americana:

Zack writes, “Welcome to St. Louis, grab yourself a prayer rug!”

Mind you, this isn’t just any minaret that will be broadcasting the satanic verses. It’s the minaret of what is known as St. Louis’s “Little Bosnia”. That’s right — a Bosnian minaret, Bosnians being those secular Muslims we helped to kill Serbs in the 90s while transplanting the “refugees” here so that one of them could shoot nine Americans for Valentine’s Day last year.

More from Zack’s accompanying note:

I can’t believe in a day and age where the ACLU is tracking down anyone who even utters the word Christ in public like a pack of hungry wolves, we see a prayer tower being constructed where daily prayers will be heard being read from the Muslim holy book 5 times daily.

The parking lot of the Islamic center shares itself with Big Lots, Burlington Coat Factory, Office Depot, and a Payless Shoe store. So these customers will happily also share in the 5 daily call to prayer announcements.