In supplement to this week’s article titled “LEGACY: Condoleezza Rice to Ascendant Islam — ‘Yes, Master!’” — which outlines Rice’s identifying with the Palestinian people and her decision to enter black racial politics her final year in office — I must say that now I’m confused about the photo below.

Was this Erykah Badu expressing solidarity with the Palestinians last January then giving the black power clenched-fist salute — or Condoleezza Rice?:

Incidentally, standing with her and giving the black power salute are Israeli artists, specifically a reggae-soul group called Karolina and Funset. In other words, it’s the usual situation: Jewish worship of blacks who support the Jews’ enemies.

This is of course related to the fact that Jews love Arabs more than they love their own children, and Arabs hate Jews more than they love their own children.

Another example related to all this is the 78% of Jewish votes that went to Obama — whose first international call as president went to Mahmoud Abbas; whose first interview as president went to an Arab network; and whose overriding goal is to reassure the Muslim world in general.

But you see, to a Jew there is no greater accomplishment than getting a black man into the White House. The thinking goes: “Our work is done. It’s OK if the Muslims come kill us now. The important thing is we elected a black man president, and that shows how far the world has come since the Holocaust. So they can kill us now.”

Meanwhile, for some reason Jews think they have more in common with black people than with white people. Unfortunately for them, a lot of black people feel they have more in common with Muslims.