Serbian Royal Family appalled over Kosovo declaration
February 17, 2008


The 17th of February 2008 is a date which will live in infamy!

On that day Europe had diminished its own morale, embarassed its own history and shown that it carries within its organism the virus of its own downfall! On that day America gave up on Washington, Lincoln, and Wilson.

It is not only the denied defeat of us Serbs, it is a defeat of an idea of a world without violence, of a unified Europe, of a society of equality, law, legality, and justice!

It is a defeat of the idea of democracy! It is a defeat of the universally accepted rules of international law.

The part of the project of Mussolini and Hitler has finally been accomplished, in the territory of Serbia! For that, we need not blame the Albanians, but those that have supported them, recognised them, encouraged them, and financed them! It is them whom we should acknowledge for their endurance in their hatred against the Serbs, for their dedication to the goals they had tried to accomplish in both world wars that they had fought and lost.

The world has, once again, started approaching its downfall in the territory of Serbia. We are not happy to know that tomorrow the fate of Serbia and Serbs, on whose misfortune they have worked so hard and so united, many will see this happen in their own country, in their own home.

Kosovo remains to be our history and destiny, but it is their future!

Today we feel ashamed for them, leaving them to feel ashamed for themselves tomorrow!

We pray to God of justice for the life and health of our citizens living in Kosovo and Metohija.

Make sure you caught the part where they’re saying: “Kosovo may be our past, but it is your future. Good luck with that.”