Election 2004:

(Albanians destroy churches during an orchestrated, three-day pogrom in which hundreds of Serbian homes were burned, 1,000 people were injured, throats of Serbian farmers’ pigs were slashed, and 31 people died, including up to six NATO peacekeepers.)

Election 2008:

Serbian Girl Stoned
Tanjug, Feb. 23, 2008

LIPLJAN - An 8 year old girl of Serbian nationality, from Rabovca near Lipljan, was injured today in the yard of her house when stoned by boys playing soccer next door on a soccer field.

The father of the injured girl, Ljubisa Mihajlovic, said that today around 15:30 a group of Albanian boys began to stone the yard in which his daughter was playing.

The girl is now in the emergency medical facility in Gracanica…Spokesman for the Kosovo police service, Veton Eljsani, confirmed that the incident occurred and that the police are working on examining the circumstances surrounding the stoning.

The father of the injured girl confirmed that he had reported the incident to the police but doubts that anything will be done about it.

“This happens every day. Every day they stone us, curse us and try to provoke us. We have no feeling of security. Today they attacked my daughter, tomorrow it will be someone else’s. There is no end to it. Serbian children fear to go to school. They don’t dare leave their homes. The yard has become their lockup, said Ljubisa.

In Rabovca, in addition to the Albanians, there are 40 Serbian families that live there. “Kosova” Prime Minister Hasim Thaci said recently during his visit that this place is a good example of multi-ethnic life in Kosova.