A 2006 photo of Obama in traditional Somali dress, ostensibly circulated by the Clinton campaign, was top news today after Drudge Report published it. Here, however, is a lesser-known photo:

Whether Obama is or isn’t a closet/future Muslim, and whether or not Hillary has an infinite number of terror-connected folks as campaign contributors (and these are just two), we will never have a better Muslim president than George W. Bush:

A Clinton campaign spokesperson said it was ludicrous to think the Somali Obama photo originated with the Clinton campaign, given that Hillary herself has donned the local dress of the places she’s visited. The second photo above is one such example. But this got me thinking: god forbid there is ever a Jewish president. How would a Jewish head of state show respect for the traditions of the countries he or she visits: “Out of respect for the traditions of the local culture, I am wearing a truck whose rear fender I’m attached to, and this is how I will be getting to my official meetings here.”