To be an Israeli yet sound as historically shallow as an American Jew, you have to be an extra Dumb Jew.

This pathetic website of the Israel Hasbara Committee “covered” Kosovo independence thus:

Should Israel Worry about Independence for Kosovo?

Serbia and Kosovo have been a thorn in Europe’s side since 1914 when a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Ferninand in Sarajevo. This lead [sic] to World War I that eventually lead [sic] to World War II. These two wars caused the largest loss of [life] and destruction of property in history. [The Serbs are even responsible for WWII!!] The fanatical Serbians more recently butchered people in Kosovo when NATO forces had to move in. Most of the population of Kosovo is Albanian Muslims whereas most Serbians are Orthodox Christians. Kosovo is in many respects [a] unique and special case.

The site describes itself:

The Israel Hasbara Committee is a non-governmental, independent organization that specializes in educating the public about the history and aspirations of the Jewish people and the State of Israel…The Israel Hasbara Committee has been established to pursue truth about the State of Israel and the Jewish people. This means it will, as part of the scope of its activities, defend Israel and World Jewry from wanton attacks based on prejudice and misinformation and it will do so in a dignified and fair way.

But apparently, pursuing the truth about another people is too tall an order. This “committee” expects people to do their homework on Israel for the sake of Israeli survival, which depends on a fair assessment of the facts. But don’t ask them to do their homework on someone else’s story.

How about replacing a sentence in the first paragraph with: “The fanatical Israelis more recently butchered people in Gaza when NATO forces had to move in.” How would that go over? Don’t jump to any uninformed opinions about Israel, they ask, but as regards the lowly Serbs, it’s OK to pull a quick conclusion out of your butt based on precisely the same kind of popular mythology that dooms the Jewish state. Creating that kind of karma isn’t going to help their cause.

“Kosovo is in many respects a unique and special case,” they say. Who knew that Israelis moonlight as U.S. State Department spokesmen?

Here was the comment’s momentous conclusion:

The issue puts Israel in somewhat of a dilemma. On the one hand, Israel is undoubtedly sympathetic with the underdog or the oppressed [who would that be?]; on the other hand, Israel enjoys good relations with Serbia and does not want to jeopardize these relations. Also, with negotiations taking place with the Palestinian Authority Israel does not want to set any precedent that could be used by the Palestinian Authority.

So because Albanians say they’re the underdog, that means they’re the underdog? So who’s the real underdog in the Middle East, then?

These Jews are soooooo dumb that they don’t even know why it might be that Israel “enjoys good relations with Serbia” to begin with. A hundred shekels says these Jewpids don’t even know that Serbs died with Jews in the same concentration camps that resulted in the birth of the Jewish state. Another hundred shekels says they don’t know that Albanians formed their own volunteer Nazi units to ship off all of Kosovo’s Jews to Bergen Belsen.

As for the Hasbara Committee’s insinuation (in the first paragraph) that the 1998-99 war was motivated by Christian-on-Muslim violence (consistent, of course, with the current epidemic of rampaging Christian hordes beheading Muslims all over the world), another hundred shekels says these Jupes wouldn’t know what to make of the Serbian-loyal Gorani, or Goranci, Muslims (not to mention the often Muslim Roma). Here was the scene in November 1999, one that helps explain how we got to “Kosova”:

K-For said yesterday that a 40-year-old Roma man was found dead, his throat slashed while he was sleeping in his home in western Kosovo. And an unidentified body was found south of Kosovo’s ethnically divided town of Mitrovica.

K-For peacekeepers who recently ended round the clock surveillance on a Serb Orthodox church near the northern town of Podujevo came back in the early hours of Tuesday to find it burned to the ground.

A confidential UN document seen by the Guardian [newspaper] yesterday pleads with K-For to set up a permanent checkpoint on a road leading into the Zupa region in southern Kosovo where a cluster of Serb Goranci (Serb speaking Muslims) and other minorities have faced terrifying intimidation at the hands of ethnic Albanians trying to force them to leave.

K-For, the document says, refused, saying occasional patrols were enough.

Should Israel worry about independence for Kosovo, ask the Dumb Jews of the Hasbara Committee. Israel should worry more about having Jews like the Hasbara Committee “informing the public”. With Jews like these, who needs Muslims?