Yesterday I mentioned that Kosovo warps even the Heritage Foundation, and cited a criminally negligent blog post by the think tankers Sally McNamara and Nile Gardiner. In addition to the inherent dangers in conservatives swallowing and propagating the liberal media-spun narrative on the Balkans, which has the effect of removing the otherwise ubiquitous check-and-balance on mainstream media “truths”, the conservative media and think tanks confuse their readers who look to trusted pundits for the real story behind what they hear in the mainstream.

Sure enough, Fox News — which looks to include Right wing views and therefore gleans guests from the Heritage Foundation, a few days ago had McNamara on to talk about Kosovo independence, as a colleague informed me. She assured viewers that all was well with Kosovo being independent and America’s support for it. And so, having heard from the Heritage Foundation, Fox News was satisfied that it got all possible perspectives on this; it just happens that they all match. But the network’s duty was done, as far as it was concerned.

In that previous post on McNamara and Gardiner, I mentioned that the two writers work for Heritage’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, and that while Thatcher had the same blind spot which every other conservative has to the truth in the Balkans and which places conservatives in league with the liberal media that sold us the lies, her late national security adviser and co-founder of the Centre for Policy Studies, Sir Alfred Sherman, did not suffer from the same illusions about the region, and for this reason he signed on to the advisory board of the American Council for Kosovo, where his name still stands in memoriam. I quoted briefly from his September 30, 1994 article in London Jewish Chronicle (titled “Let’s remove the blinkers”), but current events demand that I quote more of the article, and I reproduce the relevant, stunning portion below:

Shortly before his trip to Washington in a bid to work out common policy with the US Administration, President Alija Izetbegovic of Bosnia visited Zenica, de facto capital of Bosnia’s Muslim heartland.

His purpose was to carry forward arrangements for the re-imposition of sharia — Islamic law — in the republic. This would restore unified religious authority such as existed in Ottoman days.

Among measures proposed are the restoration of polygamy, which existed before Bosnia’s incorporation into the Yugoslav monarchy in 1918 (to be limited to a maximum of three wives per man); the criminialisation of marriage of Muslim women to non-Muslim men (the reverse is permitted); and the prohibition of alcohol.

Western media reports of the war in the former Yugoslavia have led us to believe that a majority of Bosnian Muslims were always enlightened and Westernised. Journalistic gullibility apart, this was a half-truth at best.

True, some middle-class Muslims wanted to fit into the secular-cum-Christian world of Yugoslavia. But Mr Izetbegovic’s minority government was backed by a fanatical and brutal militia, and thousands of militants from abroad, in alliance with that section of the old Communist Party which chose to stay put. Heterodox Muslims — or Yugoslavs of Muslim descent, as some put it — had the choice of joining the bandwagon, keeping their own counsel, or leaving, whether for Serbia, as thousands have done, or abroad. The changed world balance-of-power has meanwhile encouraged the Muslim leadership in Bosnia to press for a fully Muslim polity, and for maximalist territorial ambitions, now evidently supported in Washington and Bonn.

Discerning support in Washington for Muslim claims on the former Sanjak of Novi Pazar…Mr Izetbegovic is working actively to create a “Green Corridor” from Bosnia through the Sanjak to Kosovo. [”Green” refers to the Islamic green.]

This would separate Serbia from Montenegro and Greece and facilitate Albanian pressures on Montenegro and Macedonia, with their Albanian minorities, many of them illegally resident there.

With US support, Germany is in effect fostering this Islamistan, and developing increasingly close working relations with Iran, whose rulers are keen to establish a European base for their politico-religious activities.

By contrast, Washington is keen on involving its NATO ally Turkey, which has been moving away from Ataturk’s secularist and Western stance back to a more Ottomanist, pan-Muslim orientation, and is actively helping the Muslim forces.

Mr. Izetbegovic is mooting mass immigration of Turks into Bosnia from Anatolia. This would strengthen the new Muslim state’s demographic and military base for further rounds against the Serbs, and also against the Bosnian-Hercegovinan Croats.

Muslim-Croat collaboration suits Croatian President Tudjman, whose hatred of the Serbs virtually excludes other considerations. He and his circle are not only extreme nationalists, but have been actively discriminating against Croats whose Serb forebears converted to Catholicism less than four generations ago.

In the opinion of Croats, and many Serbs, the root of the present conflict lies in the creation by the late Yugoslav leader, Tito, of a separate Muslim nationality, a regression to the system which had operated under Turkish rule.

So long as Islam is treated as a nationality in the former Yugoslavia, multi-faith, polyethnic entities are ruled out by the Muslim leadership’s drive to restore the sharia.

The Serbs and Croats, whether beleivers or not, wish for a more or less secular state in which religion is depoliticised and seen mainly as a private matter, permitting religious pluralism in areas where various religious groups cohabit.

In the Bosnians’ and world Muslim view, however, God’s hand is working on their behalf. Their diplomatic backing and their multi-million-dollar public relations campaign in America and Europe have left the Serbs as isolated as the Czechs at the time of Munich.