So the first “country” to recognize “Kosova” is Costa Rica. This on its own is already material for stand-up comedy. Considering that tourists to Costa Rica are instructed to stay within the confines of the walls that separate their resorts from the natives, or else be mugged, raped and killed upon venturing beyond — already anyone who has gone there as a tourist knows what it’s like to be a Serb in “Kosova” (minus the smorgasbords, dancing and sunning that the trapped tourists get to do).

But it gets even more beautiful. Clearly, Costa Rica is getting something that these Jews don’t. Costa Rica recognized “Kosova” practically in the same breath that it recognized the state of “Palestine,” and de-recognized Jerusalem as belonging to Israel. If that don’t speak volumes about what an independent “Kosova” means!

Israeli diplomat postpones meeting after Costa Rica recognizes Palestinian state

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica: Israel has postponed a planned meeting with Costa Rican officials over the Central American nation’s decision to formally recognize a Palestinian state.

The meeting between President Oscar Arias and an Israeli diplomat, scheduled for Wednesday, “was postponed, but we are looking to reschedule,” Costa Rican Foreign Minister Bruno Stagno said Monday.

“We would like to express our disappointment over this regretful decision of the government of Costa Rica to establish full diplomatic relations with the ’state of Palestine,’” Mekel said. “This act of Costa Rica totally contradicts the traditional friendship that characterized its relations with Israel since its establishment.”

Stagno has said Costa Rica hoped to encourage peace talks on Feb. 5 when it recognized a Palestinian state — a key demand on the part of the Palestinians…

“Kosova” and “Palestine”. Recognized together by Costa Rica in the same month. From the criminal enclave that is Costa Rica, I understand that all three are in good company. Let’s see if the rest of the world wants to join the gang. Literally.