A few days ago I posted an item with a Feb. 12th press release from OSCE — an earnestly dhimmi organization throughout the 90s and beyond — which lamented the Islamic indoctrination of Bosnian children in school, including non-Muslim ones. Here was the “nominally Muslim” Bosnian response:

We Are Sorry the OSCE Has Joined General Anti-Islamic Histeria

In reference to yesterday’s press release issued by OSCE (Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe) Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented by its Spokesperson Mersiha Čaušević-Podžić, on the issue of religious instruction in pre-school institutions, the Cabinet of Reisu-l-ulema [Ceric] issued yesterday the following statement:

The Cabinet of Reisu-l-ulema is surprised by the fact that such a reputable international organisation as OSCE has not been aware of the real situation in the BiH society, and has wrong perception of Islam, for, not only does OSCE, by its release, ignore the legal right of parents to raise their children until their coming of age according to their own beliefs, but it also encourages others to do so. We are talking here about the OSCE’s negative perception of Islam. Namely, OSCE states, as the central reason against the exercise of this right of parents, “reports that suggest that such instruction would be purely Islamic in orientation”.

So, the problem would not exist if Islam would not exist. The Cabinet of Reisu-l-ulema is surprised by the fact that the OSCE is “completely anti-Islamic oriented”. It would have been more appropriate if the OSCE had stayed out of this debate, a kind of debate usual in a democratic society, rather than joining it in a biased manner which implies Islamophobia. We regret that the OSCE in Bosnia and Herzegovina has, through such an act, lost some of its credibility and that it has joined the general anti-Islamic hysteria.

The Cabinet of Reisu-l-ulema is particularly surprised to learn about the OSCE’s ignorance of the customs of the BiH society and its disrespect of the culture of dialogue, for, the real “threat to fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of this country” is the OSCE’s perception of Islam and Bosnian Muslims, who have learnt the hard way what it means when some international representatives come here with the prejudice against Islam and Muslims (genocide).

Misson of Spreading the Good

The Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina shall continue its mission of spreading the good and discouraging the evil regardless of the OSCE’s prejudice, for each man has the inalienable right to life, religion, freedom, property and honour.

Our children are our gift from God and that is why we shall raise them in the spirit of noble values of Islam without any fear from anyone, except from Almighty Allah.