“Worries About Health Care Now Top Issue in U.S.,” according to Gallup.

Editor & Publisher wrote, “A new Gallup Poll released Tuesday reveals that the issue cited by most Americans as the one they worry about the most is ‘”the availability and affordability of healthcare.’

“A total of 68% said they worried about this a ‘great deal.’ Coming in second is the social security system at 51%. Following close behind that were ‘availability and affordability of energy,’ drug use, crime and violence–and only then ‘the possibility of terrorist attacks in the U.S.’ (at 45%).”

Gallup also found that “the economy is relatively much more important to Democrats than to Republicans, while illegal immigration is relatively much more important to Republicans than Democrats.”

It seems like Democrats always worry about the wrong thing at the wrong time. When the economy is the big problem, Democrats worry about abortion rights. When national security is the problem, Democrats worry about the economy–and the weather.

(Note that in the age of terrorism, the economy is a “ticking time bomb” and AIDS is a “threat to national security.”)