Finally! I’ve always said that guy needs to be tested regularly.

Of course, the article explains that he’s talking about other people getting tested. Which is an understandable concern for someone as sexually “busy” as this guy is. The fact that this is the biggest, ongoing concern of our “busiest” president is no coincidence. AIDS has always been his priority; it’s practically the only thing he declared as president to be a threat to our national security. A sex disease made the list of enemies! AIDS in Africa was the only foreign policy he could even understand.

Terrorism he didn’t answer, but boy was he tough on that AIDS. “Aids is bad. Aids is sad. Aids has got to go!”

What did he even have a security adviser for? To advise him on which brand of condoms was safest? Just kidding; Clinton doesn’t use condoms. (Gennifer Flowers told us.)

AIDS isn’t a threat to national security; it’s a threat to his penis–which is a threat to national security.