In 2005 President Bush appointed Frank Wisner, Jr. to be the U.S. envoy to Kosovo. Wisner Jr. has been a loud and clear voice behind the sabotaging of Albanian-Serbian talks, always stating from the get-go that independence must be the end goal of any talks.

Wisner’s father, Frank Wisner Sr., was friendly with Albanan Nazis and as an OSS and CIA operative helped get them out of Communist Albania, at least partly to help us fight expansionist Communism. Unlike his father, who arguably had a larger goal in being friendly with Nazis (though it’s not clear what came first, his friendships or their usefulness) — that is, using them to fight Communism — his son is being friendly with Albanian Nazi heirs and Muslims…for what purpose? Apparently, to bolster expansionist Islam:

Advice to Arabs

The U.S. envoy to Kosovo is urging Arab governments to invest in Europe’s newest Muslim-majority nation.

Ambassador Frank G. Wisner called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to build on its statement of support issued after Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Feb. 17.

“I think Kosovars are ready for that and want it,” Mr. Wisner told, a U.S. State Department Web site.

Mr. Wisner, a former ambassador to India, the Philippines and Zambia, as well as to the OIC, argued that Kosovo is a good place for foreign investment.

“It’s a good investment in the future,” he said. “It’s a profitable investment in terms of the eventual economic evolution of southeastern Europe, and I hope a strong economic signal will accompany a political signal.”

He argued that the creation of the Kosovo republic has implications beyond Europe.

“To be able to secure a Muslim-majority state inside the European whole is a terrific signal that the Muslim world and the non-Muslim word can live side by side in peace and cooperation, one with the other,” he said.

“I believe that for most of the Muslim world, it’s very important that one looks at [Kosovo] as a matter of justice.”

Kosovar militants rebelled against Serbian domination in 1999 but were crushed by a fierce Serbian counteroffensive that led to charges of “ethnic cleansing” against Kosovars and the intervention of NATO forces. Since 2004, Kosovo was administered by the United Nations.

Separately, and once again, please notice that we’re increasingly seeing that it wasn’t genocide and ethnic cleansing of Albanian civilians that the Serbs were up to, but now it’s Kosovar “militants” that they were responding to and that the Serbs were engaged in a “counteroffensive” that led to mere “charges” of ethnic cleansing. In several other mainstream reports this month, we see a similarly benign closing — compared to the formerly ubiquitous, dastardly “ethnic cleansing of Albanians” that used to close out every report. For example:

Kosovo was a territory controlled by Serbia until 1999, when NATO launched an air war to stop Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic’s crackdown on separatists in Kosovo.