One report from two sources on an Iranian foundation buying Albania. No one is reporting on this, so they themselves report on their activities and the progress their tentacles are making in Albania society:

Albanian Sadi Foundation establishes library in Vlora

TEHRAN — The Sadi Cultural Foundation in Albania has established a library in the tekyeh (place where ritual Shia Islamic ceremonies are practiced) of the city of Vlora and has presented it with a collection of cultural and religious books.

The Ahl-ul-Bait World Assembly also took part in the setting up of the library in the tekyeh which is one of the largest and most distinctive buildings of its type in Albania.

Head of the foundation Reza Karami said that the donation comprises hundreds of cultural and religious books, and a number of computers which were presented to the library in the presence of the head of the Tekyeh of the Bektashi Order in Albania, Baba Sadik Ibro.

He added that the foundation has previously established libraries in tekyehs located in Kosovo and Macedonia with the assistance of the Bektashi Order and is planning to set up more in the future.

Baba Sadik Ibro, who also participated in the book donation ceremony, expressed his appreciation and remarked that equipping libraries with cultural and religious books meets one of society’s greatest needs and is especially useful for young people.

Albanians always balk when people bring up these connections, insisting that such elements represent a tiny, negligible presence in Albanian society. At the same time, Albanians aren’t doing a thing to resist the ever growing and deepening infiltration of their society by the likes of Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Then again, neither are we.