In a race to demonstrate who is the most terrified of Albanians, not only did Switzerland quickly recognize Kosovo independence, it hauled ass to Pristina to be the first to open an embassy. Unfortunately, Germany, France and Britain placed ahead of Switzerland — home to the second-largest diaspora “Kosovar” community after Germany — but it nonetheless deserves an honorable mention:

Swiss embassy opens in Kosovo, March 28:

Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey opened an embassy in Priština on Friday, a month after Bern recognised the independence of Kosovo.

[Reading her Albanian-provided cue card:] “Only an independent Kosovo can develop economically and politically, and Switzerland is contributing to the stability of the region by helping the construction of this state,” she said.

She described the 170,000 Kosovars living in Switzerland as a “strong link” and said it was important to make it easier for them to obtain travel documents.

“For all these reasons Switzerland did not want to wait before opening an embassy in Priština,” she explained.

Switzerland is the fourth country to have an embassy in Kosovo, after Germany, France and Britain. It replaces the liaison office.

Some parliamentarians in Switzerland have expressed disquiet at her visit to Kosovo.

Dick Marty, the head of the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, said there was no reason for the country’s foreign minister to go there so soon.

The western Balkans have been a priority for Swiss foreign policy since the 1990s.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has a budget of SFr 13.9 million ($14 million) in aid to Kosovo for 2008. Calmy-Rey said Bern is considering ways of increasing the money available in time for an international donor conference to be held in Brussels in June.

Calmy-Rey had been an open and long-term supporter of independence for the country.

Her language here certainly differs from her November, 2005 rationalizations:


BRATISLAVA (Slovakia), November 29 (Tanjug) - Switzerland supports independence of Kosovo, Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey said on Tuesday in Bratislava.

Switzerland and the Kosovo province have very intensive relations, as about 10 percent of the Kosovo population live in Switzerland and should there be any instability in Kosovo, Switzerland will suffer the consequences, Calmy-Rey told a joint press conference with her Slovakian counterpart Eduard Kukan, AFP reports.

So we have it from the horse’s mouth as to why the famously neutral country has lined up on the same neutral side it did 70 years ago.

Speaking of 1938, here is some enlightenment from the Washington chapter president of the Serbian Unity Congress, John Bosnitch:

[Kosovo independence] has always been about repeating Hitler’s 1938 feat at MUNICH of getting the world’s leading democracies to agree to violate international law by ripping the majority ethnic German region of Sudetenland out of Czechoslovakia…It was indeed to cover precisely this gaping hole in the US case that former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright tried to inaccurately stand the 1938 Munich precedent with Hitler on its head by citing it as grounds for bombing Serbia. The Western media was able to dupe the Western public with that false parallel…

[Hitler said] the Sudeten Germans needed independence because they were the “victims of Czech persecution,” a false claim that history has proven to be just as absurd as that made by the Kosovo Albanians today.

Note: Axis powers Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia as a bloc recognized Kosovo independence on March 19-20, the fourth anniversary of Kosovo’s March 2004 pogroms against Serbs.

The new Swiss embassy in Pristina

The smile of a dhimmi on double duty: Calmy-Rey opens the Swiss “embassy” in Kosovo.

Or I could give a girl a break. She’s probably just trying to keep her children from getting raped:

BERN (Associated Press) — Switzerland remained shocked Wednesday shortly after the publication of the rape of a five year old young girl by schoolboys of 11 and 13 years made in June in the Grison commune of Rhazuns.

“It is alarming…,” declared the Minister for Justice, confirming that the two perpetrators were Albanians from Kosovo.

According to newspapers’ Swiss German “Blick” and “Sudostschweiz”, which made the public affair, the young girl was attracted into the neighbourhood park and then sexually mistreated by the two schoolboys. The small victim was held by the smaller boy when the 13 year old teenager violated her. The younger boy then also violated her.

And a 13 year-old Swiss girl:

The statistics are clear, [Swiss Peoples Party member Dr. Ulrich Schlüer] said, foreigners are four times more likely to commit crimes than Swiss nationals. “In a suburb of Zürich, a group of youths between 14 and 18 recently raped a 13-year-old girl,” he said. “It turned out that all of them were already under investigation for some previous offence. They were all foreigners from the Balkans or Turkey. Their parents said these boys are out of control. We say: ‘That’s not acceptable. It’s your job to control them and if you can’t do that you’ll have to leave.’”

Comments posted on the FreeRepublic site bring up some good points:

…Didn’t/don’t Hashim Thaqi and KLA soldiers and funders spend a lot of time living there? Isn’t Switzerland very lenient to drug traffickers and junkies? Haven’t their diplomats spoken of being for an independent Kosovo/a and weren’t they for the military intervention and occupation to help the militant Albanians?


…Hashim Thaci, who joined the Albanian political migration in Switzerland in the early nineties, where he founded the “National Movement for Kosovo”, the Marxist-Leninist political party whose only aim was to unite all of the regions where Albanians lived into one country…


Thaci was involved, along with Haliti, in arms smuggling from Switzerland in the years before the 1998 uprising, say current and former senior rebel commanders. Thaci and Haliti both have wives and children in Switzerland…[A] former colonel named Ahmet Krasniqi…organized some 600 former officers, most living in Switzerland and Germany, to join the fight…

The answer from another comment poster:

Switzerland is in a position of someone with split personality disorder. Swiss banks and investment funds launder Albanian ill gotten money and profit handsomely from that. At the same time, Albanian immigrants present [a] problem for the Swiss authorities. The Swiss problem is how to keep Albanian dirty money and at the same time expel Albanians from Switzerland to keep their coockoo land undisturbed.

Swiss solution? Support stealing of Kosovo on behalf of Albanian terrorists to make a terrorist parastate there, then expel Albanians from Switzerland to Kosovo while at the same time keeping the money, the proceeds of laundering of Albanian criminally gotten funds…

Summary comment:

So in other words, the Swiss are so scared of their local Albanians that they hope that if they help them steal Kosovo from Serbia & give it to them, it will mean that the Albanians in Switzerland will leave & go to Kosovo.

Meanwhile, just when we thought Switzerland at least won the contest for fastest-moving foreign minister, once again it’s merely the runner-up: Sweden’s Carl Bildt got to Pristina first. That would be this Carl Bildt:

UN Commissioner to Balkan calls for recognizing Islam as European culture (March 2005):

UN Commissioner to the Balkans Carl Bildt on Saturday called for recognizing Islam as part of the European culture, asserting that Muslims in Balkan[s] formed a unique and positive factor in European affairs…Bildt told KUNA that Muslims in the Balkans, especially in Bosnia and Kosovo, proved that they are characterized with tolerance and cooperation with other societies…The official demanded the developing of the Balkans as a whole, calling for accepting all the region’s countries together in the EU to prevent any issues or conflicts that might be generated by keeping some Balkan countries outside the EU.

I can feel the vibrations from the shaking in Bildt’s boots all the way over here. At least the Kosovo question unites Sweden’s officials with its neo-Nazis:

A group of 20 neo-Nazis were detained by police in Stockholm on Saturday. The neo-Nazis were on their way to disrupt a demonstration by 400 Serbs protesting Kosovo’s independence.

“They were stopped near Riksbron. They were behaving badly and were armed with golf-clubs and stones,” said police spokesperson Ann-Charlotte Wejnäs to TT.

Just a conjecture as to who these Swedish neo-Nazis could be. Recall the unrequited Serb-blood-thirsty neo-Nazi mercenary warriors, from all over Europe, flocking to the Balkans to fight for the Croats during the 1990s:

Swede on trial for war crimes in Bosnia

STOCKHOLM — Proceedings opened against a Swedish national for war crimes committed when he served as a Bosnian army volunteer…In interviews on the eve of the trial, [Jackie] Arklov has admitted to many of the alleged crimes including threatening and assaulting victims when he served as a volunteer with Bosnian-Croatian forces in 1993…

Although Liberian-born — as a boy he was adopted by Swedish parents — he was part of a neo-Nazi group that [in] 1999 robbed a bank in southern Sweden, and shot two police officers who had set up a road block.

Wiesenthal Center World Report, Fall/Winter 1995/96:

There have been growing fears about the activities of neo-Nazis in the former Yugoslavia since a former German member of the French Foreign Legion, Eugen Kammerer, revealed he had spent 18 months with the mercenaries in Bosnia for German intelligence. “There are over a thousand foreigners there, mostly Germans, fighting on all sides.” Ewen Southby-Tailyour, a former Royal Marine colonel who served with the European Community monitoring mission in Croatia from 1993-1994, said recently he had met German mercenaries, some wearing swastika armbands, serving in the Croatian army.

Anyway, the Sweden that rushes to kiss Kosovo is the same Sweden that grants entrance visas to Hamas “ministers” and whose “Chancellor of Justice” said that Muslim calls for “Death to Jews” are just “part of the debate on the Middle East” and discontinued a pre-trial investigation into the Stockholm mosque where audio cassettes exhorted listeners to kill Jews.