It seems that every few months we get another article in which Muslims claim to be the “new Jews”, or the “Jews of Europe,” as in the most recent case from England on Friday:

Muslims feel like ‘Jews of Europe’
Minister’s shock warning on rise of anti-Islamic prejudice

Britain’s first Muslim minister has attacked the growing culture of hostility against Muslims in the United Kingdom, saying that many feel targeted like “the Jews of Europe”.

Shahid Malik, who was appointed as a minister in the Department for International Development (Dfid) by Gordon Brown last summer, said it has become legitimate to target Muslims in the media and society at large in a way that would be unacceptable for any other minority.

“I think most people would agree that if you ask Muslims today what do they feel like, they feel like the Jews of Europe,” he said. “I don’t mean to equate that with the Holocaust but in the way that it was legitimate almost – and still is in some parts – to target Jews, many Muslims would say that we feel the exact same way.

And in no parts is it more legitimate to target Jews than Muslim parts, including in the non-Muslim world that Muslims are infecting with their Jew-hatred. Such as France, where classrooms of Muslim students cheer when the teacher mentions the word “Holocaust.” Or Germany, where the most popular insult, thanks to the entrance of Muslim rappers into pop culture, is to call someone a “Jew.” And a few weeks ago, an Israeli relative of mine was touring London on a bus when the guide told the Israeli tourists that for their safety they wouldn’t be allowed off the bus at a scheduled stop because a “protest” was in progress. So if Muslims are the Jews of Europe, then we’re looking at some pretty strange Jew-on-Jew violence here.

Funny thing — in the era leading up to the annihilation of one-third of the world’s Jewish population (the era on which Mr. Malik bases his comparison), I don’t recall Europeans being terrified of the Jews. I also don’t remember mobs of Jews advancing on European police, literally backing them into a corner, as the new Jews are doing in this video.

As a reader named Michael wrote:

I wanna be a new jew, too! That way I can blow people up, cut off heads, and generally wreak havoc on people who think I suck!! It’s a win-win situation! I’ve always wanted to beat my women, stage massacres, subject people of other religions to unfair taxes and persecution, and encourage children to blow themselves up! ‘Cause I’m a VICTIM!! Being a new jew rocks the casbah!!

Meanwhile, the greater the victim status that Muslims claim, the more Jews get beat up. As this tiny drop in the bucket demonstrates: Jewish Toddlers Pelted with Rocks in NYC; FRANCE: Muslims Beat Jewish Teen..Coma; France: Muslims who Crushed Jewish Boy were Screaming “Dirty Jew!”;
Epidemic:Anti-Jewish Attacks in LA, England, Ireland;
Anti-Jew Violence Spike, Record Levels;
A 13-year-old girl on a London bus is robbed and kicked unconscious after her attackers ask if she is “Jewish or English”

Muslims, without a holocaust to call their own, are so jealous of Jewish suffering and liquidation that they’re ushering in the next wave of it. In their genocide envy, every time Muslims try to get themselves a massacre, they end up killing a whole lot of everybody else. Or they do it themselves in the form of staged atrocities. They’re just too good at killing, to get killed. Here’s a clue for Muslims on how to get the world to decimate your people: Be productive members of society, love and help your fellow man, be successful and prosper and love your children more than any cause. Assimilate into societal fabric and be grateful and loyal to that society. Show the world that it has nothing to fear from you, for you are a moral and a law-abiding people. Believe me — the world will come after you.

As I wrote in “Desperately Seeking a Holocaust“:

The Muslims have worked so hard to be someone’s genocide victims. First in Israel, but the Jews were useless (Muslims started out with 400,000 Palestinians in the disputed areas, screamed genocide and became four million; this is what happens when you leave genocide up to Jews). So Muslims everywhere set their sights on Bosnia, and that was the closest they ever came to success, but the Hague had to redefine the word “genocide” to make it fit the crime. So Muslims claimed genocide in Kosovo, except a similar thing happened in Kosovo as happened in the Palestinian territories: during the genocide against it, the Muslim population grew exponentially, while the number of non-Muslims became almost negligible.

Meanwhile, from on hate crimes in Britain:

The CPS report revealed that not a single person accused of an anti-Semitic crime had been prosecuted on a charge of religiously aggravated offending…A report by MPs in September said British Jews were more vulnerable to attack and abuse now than for a generation. Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, who sat on the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism, said it was “perverse” that not all police forces recorded anti-Semitic incidents and said that some forces “verge on the complacent”…

According to UK police figures in the same report:

Jewish people are four times more likely to be attacked because of their religion than Muslims… One in 400 Jews compared to one in 1,700 Muslims are likely to be victims of “faith hate” attacks every year.…not a single person accused of an anti-Semitic crime had been prosecuted on a charge of religiously aggravated offending.

FBI statistics point to the same trend: In 2005, 68.5% of religious hate crimes in America were against Jews, while 11.1 had anti-Islamic motivations.

Translation: The more people Muslims kill, the less popular Jews become. Indeed, it’s possible that most of the anti-Muslim hate crimes eeked out in the above-referenced statistics are incidents in which a Muslim accidentally gets hurt while attacking a Jew.

The agenda also accounts for the parallel Muslim efforts toward a reverse approach: Holocaust denial. The mentality is: “If I can’t have a holocaust, NOBODY can!”

An article that actually was called “Muslims are the New Jews” came out in October, 2006 in the London Sunday Times:

…The white, male former foreign secretary [Jack Straw] said the veil was a “visible statement of separation and of difference”, and that he asks women who visit his surgery to remove it. And nuns? Does he demand to see their hair, too? It’s open season on Islam — Muslims are the new Jews.

Especially since July 7, it has become acceptable to say the most ignorant, degrading things about Islam. And then we all sit around wondering why young Muslim men appear to be getting angrier and more politicised, or why “westernised” young Muslim women whose mothers go bare-headed are suddenly, defiantly, opting for the full-on niqab-style veil that leaves only a slit for the eyes.

I should start by saying that my mother was born in Pakistan of a Hindu mother and a Muslim father. She was convent-educated and went on to marry two Catholics (not at the same time). I therefore — unlike some “offended” Wasp commentators — know what I’m talking about, a) because of my endless “aunties”, and b) through spending much of my childhood in India and Pakistan….[W]hat we are witnessing is religious bigotry of the most shameful kind.

People are made uncomfortable by all sorts of things: I find shaven-headed, tattooed men unpleasant, especially if they’re drunk. I’m not mad keen on hooded gangs of youths at three in the morning. Facial piercings hurt my eyes.

Imagine if Straw had said, “There are an awful lot of autistic people in my constituency. I tell them to look me right in the eye, otherwise I can’t help them.”…I am particularly offended by Straw’s comments because the women Straw described are by and large first-generation immigrants — ie, poor working-class women trying to get on with their lives.

I wonder why none of the army of instant experts has pointed out that, by and large, middle and upper middle-class Muslim women do not veil themselves unless they have the misfortune to live in a country that insists on it.

So Straw and his acolytes — the self-appointed sisterhood among them — are picking on the women who are most voiceless and least able to defend themselves. They should be ashamed.

The most impressive comments, including one by a Palestinian who escaped what Ms. Knight defends, appear below:

What a lot of rubbish, the Jews (at the turn of the last century) were the most genuine asylum seekers we had known, they did not plan to massacre people on tube trains, they did NOT plan for world domination or cry for blood when the validity of their faith was questioned, or insist their way of doing things take precedence over local custom, their religous leaders supported themselves, without resort to the public purse, they didn’t make their women wear face masks and they were, on the whole, well liked!

Frank, Wembley, London

What bizarre analogies. It’s tough to know where to begin. To equate the masking of a persons mouth and their facial expressions to hair is extraordinary. The last time I looked I didn’t check a person’s hair to see if they were angry, happy et al. Ms Knight suggests that it’s fashionable to find criticism with muslims. I’d say it is far more fashionable for certain muslims to claim it.
As for the young, angry, politicised muslim men? Of course they were present before 9/11 or the 7th July bombings but they have to accept their part in the world view. Threatening to kill people you disagree with is no way to live in peace.

Geoff Bell

Nobody is suggesting banning the wearing of the hajib or headscarf by Muslim women. I have lived in Malaysia where it is worn by the Malay Muslim women ,often with western dress, and I have no problems with that. These people are showing their faces as are the orthodox Jews and the nuns mentioned in the article. However I DO have problems with the veiled or burka clad women. I know I have felt a twinge of apprehension when seeing these black robed people especially at airports. Who or what may be concealed under these garments? Didn’t John Simpson once escape from Afghanistan disguised in burka? For the first time in my life I am in total agreement with Jack Straw. It was not Christians, Jews Hindus Buddists etc responsible for the death and carnage of 7/7. Muslims were responsible

Pauline, Bangkok/uk, Thailand

India Knight’s statement that she spent much of her childhood in India & Pakistan perhaps explains why she has such difficulty understanding the British! The examples used to boost her position are artificial and contrived. Nuns do not wear masks! Their head covering does not make them unrecognisable. Jack Straw didn’t object to head covering, only to the mask. Objection to a man masked in public would not bring this diatribe. If, as Ms Knight claims, the people involved are first generation immigrants, they should be first in line to adopt the habits [of] their host country to avoid bringing up their children to have the same isolationist views. Like it or not, Islam is a ‘guest’ religion in the UK, as are those immigrants who choose to follow it. Why do such people come here? They should be aware of what Britain stands for (or used to stand for) before leaving their homeland. It is not coincidence that strict Islamic states tend to be poor. You can’t have it every way.

Bob Finbow, Haverhill, England

I don’t whether the writer of this peice has read Jack Straw’s comment. The commentary shows that it was not read and understood. The examples used to prove the point do not prove Jack Straw was wrong rather It proves that Jack Straw was right. The writer of this piece needs to read a bit more about the purpose of making Muslim women to wear veils. Muhammad and his early followers believed that women are merely a source of pleasure and child-producing machine. The only way to protect one’s property was to keep it hidden from other men’s eyes. There are Muslims who still believe that there women are a source of sexual pleasure to their neighbours, relatives, so the only way to protect them is to keep them in hiding from their pleasure seeking eyes. The examples mentioned in this piece are childish. I would request the writer to grow up, read more and learn to read objectively.

Ashar Khokhar, Leeds, England

“…we all sit around wondering why young Muslim men appear to be getting angrier…” Attempting to justify this behavior in any circumstances marks you out India as being someone who would wish the majority population to change its ways because of threats or insinuated threats from unassimilated immigrants. That sort of weakness is not what a civilization is built on. It is weakness as our behavior can only be dictated by moral authority not immoral threats from a third world and failed culture that could not create its own modern society but feels free to sponge off ours. I grew up in Bradford in the UK (with it’s large Muslim population) and although I had many friends of various races and still do, I would like to assure you that young Muslims have always been highly aggressive, racist and with a victim mentality. I also think that you are missing the point, in Britain the western way is paramount, in Pakistan the opposite would be true, but we are not in Pakistan are we?

Daniel Nobbs, Melbourne, Australia

Jack Straw objected to not being able to see the face of the women he was conversing with, not their hair. Most nuns discovered long ago that restrictive and distinctive clothing does separate them from the general population - the last two nuns I met wore jeans! How I hate to hear the usual argument that the those who do not espouse the top to toe covering of our feminine form must be clad in thongs! Those speaking of modesty should remember that proudfully diplaying your “modesty”, “piety” and separateness is the very opposite of modest!

Linda Michalak, Newcastle, Australia

The face is obviously a window of communication. Bizarre hyperbole about nuns and hair, etc. look foolish rather than enhance your argument. As for Muslims being the new Jews, no. Jews are still Jews and still fair game in Europe. They have learned to put put with the rest of society rather than make waves. Muslims seem to be taking everything, no matter how innocuous, as a slight against them. Hypersensitive and feeling entitled in a land they moved to and are still a minority. In a multi-ethnic society, there will be a lot of elbows jostling about, not every elbow is an assault.

M. Fernandez, San Francisco, CA, USA

I have never read such a lot of contradictory rubbish in my life. As a former palistinian muslim I know more than someone who has a few aunties. She talks about bigotry in her defence of “first generation” women who “choose” to view the world through slits and then goes on to trash women in wigs, men with shaven heads, tattoos or piercings, feminists and “55 year old slappers” and then tells us that it is Westernised young Muslim women that are taking up this absurd niqab. Aishah Asmi didn’t mind going for her interview (with men present) without it, I wonder why? Oh, and then once again these women are being picked on because they are the “most voiceless and least able to defend themselves.” My father was one of these religious bigots and my sisters were forced to cover themselves up and they hate it - and, horror of horrors, I’m gay and was beaten nearly to death in the name of this rubbish.

Haroun, London, UK

This article is seriously flawed. What happened to Jews was nothing more than mindless prejudice, but providing reasoned constructive criticism of a section of the Muslim community that have failed to integrate was perfectly within Mr.Straw’s right. The veil is an overly conspicious piece of clothing that naturally creates a barrier no matter what community you are in. It will always be harder to speak to someone in front of you if you cannot see their face. This debate is not a direct swipe against Islam. If there ever was a cult that for some reason walked around in motorbike helmets, a very similar public reaction would be induced. Turbans, crosses, headscarfs (not covering face) are discrete, polite and dignifying symbols that are not intimidating and still make a point. In response to your comment about whether Mr Straw would ask nuns to remove their veils. There is one huge difference. You would still be able to see the nun’s face with her religious attire still on.

Srin, London, UK

Unpleasant, even offensive, some of the others you mention undoubtedly are. But there is one big difference: none of them threaten mass murder, even carry it out, if they disagree with what you say, what you do, or don’t like, or the way you are. And the veil is a symbol of that defiance. The Koran does not dictate it must be worn, it is merely a sign which says to the rest of us: “I can see you, read your facial expressions, your body language, but you have no idea what I am thinking.” That Madame, is the difference.

Richard, B.O.A., Wilts