Kosovo Albanians still shooting at Serb police…in Serbia

Kosovo Albanians steal timber, fire at MUP

A group of armed Kosovo Albanians today crossed the administrative line in the south and attacked police officers patrolling the area.

Policemen noticed a group of three to five people they identified as Kosovo Albanians who has crossed from the province, “carrying tools for cutting trees”.

They opened fire at officers, who did not shoot back, the news agency reported.

The automatic fire, police said, lasted for half an hour. It is unclear whether the officers from MUP’s [Serbian Ministry of the Interior Police] Kuršumlija department were the ones that came under attack.

The Kosovo Albanians then withdrew to the Podujevo village of Metojia, on a tractor loaded with timber.

Police said that there was no investigation of the location “for security reasons” — KFOR must first secure the area. But officers did recover one chainsaw left behind at the scene by the attackers.

So stealing trees is worth a 30-minute gun battle. Then again, if you’re Albanian, anything is worth a gun battle. Indeed, there’s a whole lot of stealing going on. We steal Kosovo from Serbia, Kosovo Albanians steal trees from Serbia, and Albanian Albanians steal trees from Kosovo. More on tree-stealing, from an interview with Canadian journalist Scott Taylor:

I have seen that the southern border (to Albania) does not exist, that it’s completely open. I went down to the place where one should be able to see it (the border), but KFOR, who should be acting as border police behave like traffic conductors, just as one of them a German, joked, himself. He says that every vehicle goes through freely, and their only concern is to avoid traffic congestion. The roads are open wide, drugs pass through freely. We were in Albanian villages, in Korcus, for example, where we were unsuccessful in trying to find any kind of border limit. There is nothing, no line, no fence, nothing, just one German soldier who went to the place where there should be a border gestured in plain air where the border (Kosovo province’s border with Albania) should be.

Q: What did the Gorani (Slavic Muslims) say? Are they loyal citizen of the southernmost tip of Serbia or are they in the middle part of a Greater Albania? How does UNMIK treat them?

ST: Yes, they are loyal to Serbia and they get their pensions from Belgrade, but it is obvious that Kosovo and Albania are one country. Albanians, from Albania mind you, not only steal their stock from Kosovo, cows, horses, and what is very significant, they freely cut forests.

If Kosovo regarded Albania as an adjoining country, not the same country, they would protect their resources, but I saw for myself that the Albanians have no problem freely taking the Gorani’s forests and destroying the region. It tells me that this is Greater Albania.

NATO knows what is happening and they said that they have vehicles that can go up hills where they can see those that steal well enough to see the color of their eyes. We could stop this, but nobody will — that’s what they told me. NATO, if it wanted, could but it cannot act independently of Kosovo parliament — that is, the Albanian leadership. Everybody knows there are no borders, but nobody will close them. We have the same information in secret documents we have received from our sources in UNMIK.

All this tree-cutting, meanwhile, reminds me of the most famous Albanian family in the country, the Duka brothers — and masterminds of the foiled Ft. Dix plot that was revealed a year ago this month. As Srdja Trifkovic wrote at the time:

Because of the Dukas’ behavior at least two families decided to move from the tree-lined street. According to the Inquirer… “Patty, 35, said the Duka family moved into the four-bedroom Colonial next to them in 1999. ‘First, they cut down all the trees for firewood,’ she said. Then came the barnyard animals and the watermelon vines growing between their houses. On weekends, dozens of visitors would arrive in vans with New York license plates, the couple said. ‘The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I looked out my kitchen window and saw the women slit a lamb’s throat with a kitchen knife.’”